Spontaneous Afflatus moniker designed by Collins Spaedy

Dallas, Texas

Spontaneous Afflatus Publishing

Along with everything else in the world, the function of this site has changed with time. What began as a personal writing portfolio back in 2014 has morphed into a wireless space for people to express their creativity with one another and freely share ideas without the worry or pressure of outside influences. It is not difficult to see that commercialization, branding, and self-promotion have become keystones of the literary industry in America today and likewise in other countries. Spontaneous Afflatus is an effort to bring writing back to the local level, and back to its heart - the need to express emotion.

The Keep moniker designed by Shaun Steiniger

Sounds from the Keep

              Sounds from the Keep is a bi-monthly, multimedia publication shaped by interviews with local musicians, primarily working musicians, in and around the Dallas area.