Dallas, Texas

Spontaneous Afflatus Publishing

Spontaneous Afflatus primarily functions as a publishing house, keeping its focus on books of poetry and short story collections. However, in an effort to contribute to the strong art + cultural community here in Dallas, we also have a hand in promoting local musicians and artists. Through a partnership with Balero Prouctions we co-host the open mic, Crowd Control, at Mudsmith on lower Greenville. We also host a number of DIY concerts and art shows around the city, and in April of 2017, we began an archival interview series with local musicians called, Sounds from the Keep, that aims to paint a picture of what it is like to be a working musician in Dallas.

Spontaneous Afflatus moniker designed by Collins Spaedy

Sounds from the Keep

              Sounds from the Keep is a bi-monthly, multimedia publication shaped by interviews with local musicians, primarily working musicians, in and around the Dallas area.

The Keep moniker designed by Shaun Steiniger