Our Story

We met in my City three Februarys ago
It was cold and magical
I was fragile; you were intangible

Two lost souls

Then the lake brought us together (again)
Sun, water, and our honesty
We no longer felt like we were a monstrosity

Our drives across the state of Texas make me feel at ease
Vegas, Chicago, and Park City
The adventures are endless
I will never be friendless
With you by my side

We feel it all,
We say it all

No barriers come in-between

What Is Love? (Forever & Always)

I was drowning in my own grief
But to my own disbelief
You stood by my side
And saw through my pride

Laughs and tears every other day
We overcame our hateful ways
No one can make me laugh like you do

You taught me how to love (the right way)
I taught you to respect yourself

We seem to have found ourselves,
Even though we have some haters

We see the future together
Combining families
Living unconditionally because...

What is love, if not an exercise of faith?
What is love, if not perseverance?
What is love, if not forgiveness?

Soul mates they call it. I think it is something more;
Who else can bear into my soul, and still accept the awful person I am?

The Second City

This City is a part of me
You taught me how to be on my own
Glittering, flashing lights
The incomparable feeling that you're still not alone

Staring up into the sky
With the buildings engulfing me,
But giving me the strength to survive
Wishing I never had to leave

Soul Sista

Strangers at first,
With an unlikely friendship

We saw past the bullshit, fighting for the truth
We are in the fountain of our youth

Love, hate;
Death, life;
We have experienced it all (together)

Fighting with you is the hardest thing to do
But after each and every time we grew:
Stronger, wiser and better

You mean the world to me
Thank you for everything you do

The Opposite

A brunette and a blonde
With an inseparable bond

I will never forget when Dad drove me around in his big red truck
And told me it was a stroke of luck
That we were expanding the family

Soon after you were brought home,
A freak accident occurred, and I was almost all alone (again)

You were so small that one day you stopped breathing
Chocked on your bottle,
So you were rushed to the hospital
Mom was crying
I seriously thought you were dying

From thereon after that we always viewed you as...
The baby (of the family);
We always protected your safety

Our childhood was filled with love, excitement, and goofiness
There was a rare time for such doom and gloom moodiness
Spending most of our days with our cousins and Hunter

Some of my favorite memories were in the summer
Swimming and playing outside in the backyard
We made many discoveries,
And so many memories
As we grew older it became harder
Not so close (like we used to be)
Instead, it was strained
No longer my biggest supporter

My senior year of high school was the worst for us
I never wanted to discuss what I was really doing
You were afraid of my behavior
You looked at me like I was a failure

When I moved away to my City
We became close again
The distance brought us together

These past two years have been rough
You constantly view my actions as wrong and get into a huff
I wish I could tell you how much he means to me
But I'm tired of making a plea

Your life in Florida now seems ideal
There is no reason to conceal
It's okay to love and open yourself up
Because one day you could erupt

Despite my achievements and, yes downfalls - 
Please remember, you are you and that makes my sister so powerful

I wish you would never forget;
That I will ALWAYS love you,
And you are the most important to me (regardless of what you might think)

Even though our relationship is trying and sometimes strained,
The sole reminder that I always voice
Is that we are Sisters by nature,
But friends by choice

For the Woman I Aspire to Be

My biggest champion;
My biggest critic

They say you have to go at some time...
But time with you, Mom, is never enough

Fighting, hateful words we use to spray
Now you are a part of all my good days

Please don't go,
I will be lost without you


The man who understands me the most,
And knows me the least

Dancing on your feet in the kitchen
Music engulfs us

Just a dad and his first daughter
So misunderstood

You fought for my life one horrible summer night
It sent me into a fright

I wish I knew your life and stories better
I wish I could appreciate you more

I want you to walk me down the aisle
You always seem to know how to make me smile
And, to be frank, you did really have one hell of a style

The time is ticking, and soon you'll be out the door...

For the Laurel Tree

The smell of pine and sunflowers
I loved spending time with you
Even when your own daughter wouldn't

Movies, restaurants, or sleeping next to you in bed
You were my second mother

Time after time again you tried to slip away from us
But why?

We didn't understand what was going on
You were so sick
But we blamed the other

Until I pushed you away from your best friend,
Your daughter,
The world you needed

Then I got that fateful phone call one day
I wish I could have told how much you meant to me
I wanted to say goodbye the right way


Listening to those songs with you in the car
Damn, we really fell hard

Meeting you in the wrong place, at the wrong time
I should have never thought you were mine

Stringing me along
Acting like you were it

So full of myself
I sought other attention
Where I never belonged

The last day of your visit
I said those three words
And you decided to black out and quit

Leaving me alone in the airport with your jacket in tow
It was such a low blow


We have known each other since we were eight
Growing up, I thought it was fate

Middle school was a trial of errors
You shared with me all your terrors
Until you confessed your "love" for my best friend
What a blow to the head

High school went by, and you became hard
Cold, distant, and cooler -
You kept me on my guard
Until I became trapped in the cycle of sex, drugs, and alcohol

Touching each other for the thrill of it
Hell, you might have even enjoyed it

One fateful trip we all took together
I didn't know you were in altogether
Deciding who was yours for the claim
Yet I was the one to blame;
I was framed

Scaling hotel walls to climb into hot tubs
Shoving your dick down my throat
I though I could stay afloat
Xanax, weed, and alcohol

Time went by and I forgot how you made me feel like dirt
Until you began to flirt (again)

Too bad you had a girlfriend, I thought
I wanted to be yours
But you still left a piece of me distraught

Destroying a piece of my soul years ago
I can never seem to forget...
That you can still make me feel like the lowest of the low


From two different parts of the States
It was like starting over with a clean slate

The thought of you transferring schools freshman year,
My anxiety felt as though it was revving up in high gear
You were different from the former

I considered you conservative, classy, and a loyal friend
Overtime, however, that changed to you being nothing more than a bigot and an extremely judgmental bitch

I learned more about the type of woman I wanted to be,
But you tried to keep me as your sole detainee

You finally shunned me out of our home (cold as ice)
You made me feel so alone
So all I did was roam (in the night)

The end of our time drew to a close
You really did put on such a show
Acting like you were my friend through thick and thin,
You made me feel like I was the one that belonged in the loony bin

Years passed and I never heard from you
Not a text, a birthday wish, or a cordial hello
You are now my foe

Yet hearing stories of how you changed
I seriously think you are deranged

A Dark Cloud

At the end of the summer I moved in,
With the kin;
The side of my family I always wanted to be closer to

A happy family we were
Spending quality time together
It was almost too good to be true

Ten months after my time spent there
The mood slowly changed
To pure misery

I was not longer happy like I originally experienced
It made such a difference

The two of you arguing about what you thought was right
Disagreements, yelling, and plain spite
Consuming more alcohol
All throughout the day
Passive aggressiveness
Was your new form of foreplay
And I am stuck in the middle
I feel like I am left to help solve your riddle

The worst part of it all...
Your song hearing and seeing the majority of it
Undermining parenting capabilities
I'm tired of you always thinking you are right
But, I'm the lucky one who is about to get out

The Heavy Weight

Impossible standards we set for girls
Beginning at such a young age

Hearing your parents talk about your weight
But still making sure you always had a full plate

Scared to participate in gym class
Always thinking you would make an ass (of yourself)

Ballet did not completely ease this tension
Despite your best intentions

Teenagers make the situation more raw and real
So you start skipping meals
Ignoring the squeal (of hunger)

It is hard to stop the cycle once you start
Every flaw about yourself you take to heart

People finally noticing how great you look,
If you only knew what it took
To get to these standards and ideals
All for the recognition and appeal

It is really enough?
Will I ever relinquish my disgust?

[You were seen]

You were seen as the strongest brother
You also made the promise to be a loyal husband
And, later down the road, a devoted father

Apparently you've struggled
Trying to fight your demons
Winning victories;
Losing others

Somewhere along the way
You went further astray...

Choosing your drink
Over the people you love
Everyone is hurting
When we see your anguish

As time draws on,
People are losing their patience
No longer complacent
With the depression and emotional distress
The complete isolation

You will lose everything you've known:
Your wife,
Your child,
And your family and friends

All I want is for you to remove yourself from your alcohol-induced haze
Please seek the help you need
Because you are worth so much more