Stack up the bodies,
mercenary culture of
false vitality

A plea of whispers
mangled in machinery,
dies ever slowly

Bucolic beauty,
truth of a young immigrant
unrecognized here

Crying coup d'état
the barricades are broken;
a flower withers

A Saudi key chain
dangling in delicate hands -
engine proudly roars

The discount savings,
a corporate coalition,
deceives the blind man

Ghostly commuters
all aboard the Hudson Line;
America moans

Those hoarding fool's gold
shimmer, their self-prophecy
will not come to pass

The Zeppelin flies free
through the currents of sea breeze
as the birds cry out

Mountains shed shame
weathering from pouring rain,
crying for the past

Floating through the wall,
dissolution of the heart -
everything must die

Carrier of light,
ephemeral entity -
beauty, oh beauty! 

The state of nausea
and birth of the chestnut tree
consumes all of me

Boiling cells beneath,
bursting from the skin for air,
ready to be free

Hungover, sad blues,
suffocating skin azul -
rue the night before

Devil in the den,
I reek of what he sold me -
left poisoned with sin

Milky fog creeps in,
a far-off ominous train
sounds the long whistle

A windshield of six
lets the frostbite settle in -

Vapor in the sky
coagulates to form clouds -
steam meeting cold air

Looking through the glass
all is dark and all is dead;
winter ate the life

Purple-hooded kid
doesn't know where he belongs,
so he offs himself

Flakey particles
fall aloof out of the sky
and land on my tongue

Silver surf the wind,
on nothingness once again,
breaking fall with chin

Dark tree dance at night
shadows graze the beige, wood wall,
God please help us all

Free Pussy Riot
punishing the innocent
as a deterrent