The Dirty D:

"The Dirty D" is a video project that began in January 2015. Inspired by the Dallas skyline's constantly changing neon personality. All footage was captured on a GoPro Hero Action camera and manipulated via iMovie.
A homage to the city.


Set 1

Featured Songs ::

         Balthazar - Wire

         Balthazar- Blues for Rosann

Entrance covered orange
It reads, "Closed for work zone"
Beneath the south turnpike
Traffic, Wednesday night
Sun setting to the right
They hurry home to husband/wife
Saturn, dented bumper
Can't get over
Dirty FedEx freight truck
Shouldered on the side
Trapped behind construction pipes
Finally, the cars clear up
But northbound lanes have come full stop
A sign flashes bright, white light
"Get a sober ride, not a DWI"
Or - "For HOV discounts, go online"
The best prices in Texas
At Granite & Tile
Billboards set five to a mile
Slowing down (cause up ahead)
There is an accident
I merge left
Light a cigarette
Shake my head, slip a scoff
An old man cuts me off
Want to teach -
When can you start?
Blah, blah, blah
The advertisements talk
Ah - my city!
Dazzling brilliant in the distance
Alright, enough
No more texting
Put the phone down to enjoy this
Turn on my building
          (GREEN SHE GOES)         
Lit up in a dusty glow

Set 2

Featured Songs ::

         Queens of the Stone Age - A Song for the Dead    

It's late enough to go driving
See what's mine1
My skyline
Green for miles
Iridescent glow
Rich swell
Downtown, a sign of sickness
Rubber through
Can't afford to stay
Rent due
Take the paycheck away
Avoid the thumb
The prices rise
Temporary living
Clear shine
Driving around
No escape
We must deal with it
Rub the stress marks
From our foreheads
Drown out the sorrow -
A song for the dead

[1] Queens of the Stone Age. "Song for the Dead." Songs for the Deaf. Interscope, 2002. MP3.

Following impulses
To addicting conclusions
Rules don't exist
The gates of dream open -
Siddhis (silent senses)
Amygdala clicked forward
It's never ending
Quixotic wondering
Constant pop of the frontal lobes
It takes too much to reach Zen
No wait...
It takes nothing
Stick out your tongue
That's the way it's done
Like air / like wind / like breathing
Walk into the water
          No ripple of the surface
Walk into the forest
          No fallen leaf disturbance
Float on the swaying breeze
As it comes and goes
Conscious concentration

Set 4

Featured Songs ::

         Pinback - Rousseau

         Pinback - Barnes

         Pinback - Offcell

Faustian deal
Gone wrong
Another rogue rendition
Drones in the air1
Lock on without care
Spackled bulbous spots
Along 121
"Fixed" bridge blocks
Repair, replace
The grey sky above
Shook up & haunted
An eerie snow globe
Pleasure particles fall
For no one
Inescapable feelings
Frozen by the rain
Solidified, ice begins forming
I watch the sun freeze2
Revolutions off track
Gravity rumbles
Outsourcing swan songs
There's an app to do it for us
It's getting harder to focus3
Regurgitated road poems
Surrounded by too much
This is the last one
Driving is too dangerous
A hood engulfed in flames
Eastbound @ 1am
Two eyes spared
To bear witness
The rest is news

[1] Pinback. "Rousseau." This Is Pinback. Ace Fu Records, 1999. MP3.

[2] Pinback. "Barnes." Autumn of the Seraphs. Touch and Go, 2007. MP3.

[3] Pinback. "Offcell." Offcell. Absolutely Kosher, 2003. MP3.

Set 5

Featured Songs ::

        Joy Division - Transmission

        Joy Division - Digital

Spiral exhaustion
Crisp, comes the cure
Gaping mouths spit up
Atmospheric dribble
Feel it closing in1
30 --
35 --
366 --
75 --
Missing what once was
The past conjured up
Time flow of traffic
Rushes back in
Swing, the elephant
No ulterior motives
A broken trunk means nothing
Crush it into pieces
String a new necklace
Weary, worn perspective

[1] Joy Divison. "Digital." A Factory Sample. Factory, 1978. MP3.

Set 6

Featured Songs ::

         Big Mama Thornton - Chauffeur Blues

         PJ Harvey - Seagulls

         PJ Harvey - Water

It pulses
In motion
Nebulous checkpoints
Mammoth bridges -
Arcs of construction
Fellaheen Texas
Passenger traffic
Riding all over this world1
Clouds catch downtown
Reunion Tower
A ballpoint reference
Fountain Place
Sky-port palace
This, the morning
Double Crested Cormorant
Cedar Waxwing
The crying river
Trinity division
Shallow distinctions
Cross the water, the city
Dirt roads of past
Weave between the buildings
Farmland deleted
Millennial concretions
Electronic transformation
Oil funneled changes
Historical traction

[1] Big Mama Thornton. "Chauffeur Blues." In Europe. Arhoolie Records, 2005. MP3.

// Cruising through the city in a dreamlike state -
Main Street, empty
2AM on a Monday //

The Omni reverberating
Dancing, shaking, resonating
Side to side
Sighs of stress
Blurred neons
Aim for perfection
Carelessness interrupts
We're left asking -
Why fight?
Deju vu
Repeated questions
Peal & pull away
The other side,
Where reluctance hides
A reluctance to love
When love really consists in this,
that two solitudes touch and protect1

[1] Rilke, Rainer Maria. Letters to a Young Poet. New York City: W.W. Norton, 1993. Print.

Set 8

Featured Songs ::

         Rachmaninoff - Prelude in B-flat minor Op. 32-2  

Red blinker
Long wavelengths
Toward the center
Keynote fragments
Primal seduction
In color
2.5 million inhabitants
Tracheas bulge
Pipes ascend/descend
Enigmatic skyline
Retinas captured
What is seen, penetrates
Grasps at fullness
(liquidity of Dallas)
Gaze below
The ebb & flow
Observation precedes understanding
Computation requires a handle
A hand, a hold, I do not have

Set 9

Featured Songs ::

         A Lot Like Birds - (

         XXYYXX - About You

Wicked green glow
Choked, blue asphyxiation
The dotted lines spread
Passing cars on both sides
Final set - drive
Unlimited city
Immeasurable & timeless
Choked, blue asphyxiation
Tunnel vision
Monday, I'm restless
Different than the day before
Undergoing slow alterations
Each day in Dallas
Morphing style
A working mindset
New patterns & rhythms
Nurture vs. nature
All similar hypotheticals
Serve to strengthen opinion
All I know is...