Youth is a time spent in years my body wasn’t ready for.
Now my ideas of youth are found in a source of warmth and a feeling of love.
My sense of self-changes at your touch,
When suddenly my heart is light, and eighteen again.
I can’t talk as we once have
For time has changed our voices and we near the age of our souls.
We let hearts flicker and fade,
Grow dust, and age.

Safe Place, Save Face 

Where do you go?
When the times are hard to the people you know?
Why wont you say my name to him
And move quickly from thick to thin.
Make light of an issue and bring to light
Make as simple the solution
As we all know the plight.
When will we learn?
The place that I run to and the places that I’ve been
Are crowded with the same type of people,
They’re guilty still of my same sin.
We’re all too familiar and the scenery yields the same.
The way my hands dance across your soft, fragile, sensitive frame.
I’d watch you dance from day to dawn and
Long for the feeling of knowing
Where this young heart has gone.
Where do you go as a safe place?
When you remember to recognize the beauty
In your own face.

Thought of the Night

In time of trial,
pay mind to who's the judge.
And from your you,
you should not budge.
Remember, relax,
and always keep fun.
Who really knows
the next time we'll see the sun.



photo by Sarah Hughes