A Brittle Bounty

Resolve stands firm in an empty
Tread lightly, slightly so

Treat like a trick
Turning from within
Toward midnight
Waves of treasures

Carved into bone
Languages untold
Unspoken, unfold
A map marked by journeys off
Beaten paths
Half assed

In the Middle

Walk slowly
but predictably
through the threshold
of familiar opened doors

Shuffled footfall,
weary reckoning
with ground that has been lain before,
to beds that await...
comfortable resignation

Long are the days when hope waves from the waiting room,
rays of maybe
peek through dusty windows,
casting shadow on gray filtered light

Away, away, toward, toward, always in the middle of should and could

Sighs break silence
in the space
where sweet nothings resounded,
playing like children laughing in chase,
rosy cheeks,
angel face

Cold stares, steep stairs, creaky chairs break under the weight of yoked journeys

Graves hold memories loosely
as damp leaves washed away by rains,
ghosts of dreams,
hosts of dry bones

Gone are the days when wind caught caution,
cotton sheets swaddled
heaving breasts
rising for
heavy breath

Away, away, toward, toward, always in the middle of should and could

Smile & Say Hello

Met your eyes I
Met my match the
Flames ripped through so

On your landing
I burned on
In your abandoning

Morning sun
Reveals my passion
Here in the ashes

Outrun the fire
That licks your feet
I’ll burn away
In ecstasy

Don't look back, I'll
Come undone and
We'll all fall
In temptation

Our Snow White dreams
Soak in sin
Forbidden poison
Down our chins

On my knees
On broken glass
I have prayed
For this to pass

To bury ties
That bind these souls
But my regret
Can’t fill these holes

I would beg
For us to die
But you could never
Say goodbye

So just smile and
Say hello
As ash to ash
This fire grows