[black out]

black out
ripped out the pages of time
neglecting her reality
the pieces she refused to accept
the pieces that constructed her
hide them
bury them
burn them
for they must never surface
but these ghosts will forever haunt her
lurking in the night
flooding her mind in unexpected moments
just when she was feeling alright
the faint memory gifted from a scent
bearing what she begged to forget
for she cannot escape the inescapable

[dilute the truth]

dilute the truth with lies
covering your trail with dirt and leaves
manipulate your mind
if I can't remember
then it never happened
desperate for normality
desperate for consistency
desperate for love
desperation will eat anything it's fed

Tiny Wanderer

Trees that touch the sky
Chill of frost beneath my bare feet
I drag my comfort on the floor collecting red dirt
Snap of branches
Crackle of leaves
The wind whistles
Wait for them to find me
But do they even know I'm gone?

Train Rides in Italy

Empty coffee cup
Pink lipstick
Train on course
Final destination - VENICE
A Kleenex in hand
Phone in the other
Her conversation Italian
Her tears universal
One bag
Packed tight
What was she saying?
Why was she running?
Phone call ends
A sigh of relief
I knew right then
She was free


I'm sorry I stare
Your face is just
Of my wife as a young girl
She has passed now
Beautiful just as you are
My best friend
I thank you for the reminder
Seems I am in the wrong seat
Ciao Bella


Laying cheek to pillow
Eyes fluttering
I awake and see your face
You're curled tight into a ball
Brush the hair out of your eyes
I want you to wake up
But I don't
Let me enjoy this
The sun is filling the room
Time is drifting by
The alarm goes off
No, stop
I hit it
You slept through the noise
So relieved to get five more minutes
Five more minutes to admire
The way your chest moves when you breathe
The small arch in your button nose
Your long lashes
Your tiny fingers
The misty sweat on your forehead
A smell of purity
My own living angel
My own creation
I stare
I could stare for hours
I hate to wake you but I must
The sky's awake
The sky's awake
A stretch of the lips
A lift to her cheeks
Smiling she slowly opens her eyes
Her eyes now smiling
Good morning

Dream 3.21

I'm running
But I'm barefoot
My breath is like smoke in the air
The fog consumes my body
Falling through the cracks in the street
Skin my knees
I pop back up
Keep running
Keep running
I begin to realize
I'm alone
All the homes are empty
Some car doors are still left open
Molding groceries left on their porches
Weeds growing before my eyes
Ivy wraps around the light post
The clouds are heavy
The moist air sticks to my face
It's getting darker now
Casa Loma and Tucker
Walk up the stairs
I'm out of breath
Legs of noodles
Please be here, please be here
Fingers to the door
Soft push
It's open
No one's home
Wake me up wake me up wake me up

I'm awake.