Notes from the World Serpent

There are how's & why's, that will always remain elusive to us... As we are all in motion and can never truly follow the string back to the labyrinths beginning. There are multitudes of analogies for a "savior" just as many for love. A picture.. perpetually being painted, perhaps even painting itself.

- Pete M. Diaz

Soft shade
Beneath a lofty tree
Wine, bread & cheese
Restful sleep
A thousand dreams deep
The western zephyr
...and Gaia's dance ensues
All around me

To find yourself out of sorts
And out of touch, isn't always a bad thing
...though not all together good, either
Your eyes close, your heart floods
Soul pierced, leaking love...
Shattered song falls off the setting sun
Deep sky...

Terribly odd
How one must force a smile
Cursed soul with tortured heart
Open plain
And lonesome valley
Crowded street
Back alley
Breathing life through

To fall in battle every day
Only, to be reborn each night
The tales change
Though the beat remains the same
Tide rolls in, world spins
Life-times passing by
Some scarcely remembered
Some buried & dismembered
Falling stars streaking across night's sky
The hero's struggle
...a pensive man who questions

Darkness & light
Coupling for a time
In transit like the planets
Lives interwoven
Like strands of silk
From a worm
Or turning in the womb
Desire far outweighs vision
And without action
Thoughts are stillborn

Twin serpents
Tied at the tail
With braided tongues
Sharing blood & scales
Over, under & across
Snake dance
The blaze of the eternal flame
Burns without

"In the end, we can only settle into life, into death...
"Who we become, is who we are... though what we are
"Is with whom we've come to terms"

The void...oblivion
Holds its arms
As wide as Saturn's mouth
To swall & devour his own young
...Serpent blesses
With baptism of twin tongue
As we the wicked
Suck marrow from the bone
...slightness of the breeze
Only proof of what we've gained
...little consolation
Naked in the rain

I have a deep sentiment
Which cannot be shared
...the lonely often do
She's been out of reach,
For over a decade, at least
Time spent pining
Finding true loss
Is the mark of defining one's self
...Much like learning to love
Or how to tie your shoes
She's been a part of me since before I was born
Between the two of us
Grow fathomless roots

Following your footsteps
I find you
In happiness
Growling, smiling
Pushing the envelope
Wherever needed
Whenever you can
Peeking from around corners
Running away

"You try an all-nite pub crawl with the gestapo!"

"All that occupies my field of vision, is background to my after-thought"

"Food for everyone!
"...At everyone else's expense!"

"Short breaths
...drawn out
Not, for survival
...more a useless
Exercise of ones will!"

just about every other month or so
How on Earth, have I ended up here?
...And at the risk of sounding redundant
I have arrived! Yet again!

It was early in the hour
But late in the day
The winds whispered
to the clouds
who in turn
spoke to the leaves
Was only watching

I don't think that any of us
really understand
beyond our own noses
...or words
...our lives
...our laws
...all of us want
to be right
& refuse
the possibility of being wrong
at any cost
regardless, of harm

Stark raving awake
consciousness, cleverly disguised as dream
...with one foot, hanging off the bed

Sanity on steep incline
clay wheeled skate-board
stopped dead in its tracks by a pebble...

Dog eared comic-books, overly thumbed through
tears sun-dried on vintage leather

...Old music plays softly
adding to the finite beauty
of tonight's setting sun...

Quickly passing clouds
outside this tiny window
make it seems like the room is flying

Enthralled by the hot depths of fever
Delirium seeps through the cracked wall
Drips dry, becoming the fine dust on the floor
Trouble is! You breathe it all in
Corrupting the system from its core
Aggressive, yet subtle...
A Trojan horse
...Many times the wakeup call
Slept soundly through
Beastly in its nature
Though swift & silent the coupe

Never thought
the spring thaw
would hurt so much
its warm invasion
spares no pain, no torture
each majestic blossom
screaming in agony

she shines
from twilit sky
to early morn
night-side reminder
Light & dark
are different shades
Twin born
In the style of unicorns

What more, gracious hospitality could be asked of another?
...gather near the fire, hot food, good drink & space to rest
Breaking bread over simple truths
no need of explaining situation or circumstance
a joke or two & all laugh
belly, full
mind, relaxed
...These idle moments
so deeply meaningful
simultaneously meaningless
cease fire between combat sorties
catching breath after a long kiss

You can only describe a picture so well
words lose their meanings
like a socks elastic
ridiculous, begins to boil over
So welcome the soup
Thoughts jets passed
like women, cold & beautiful
another like-time overlaps
…and overlaps
…and overlaps again

march on
to advance
queen & colony
under no flag
hive mind
where we’ve grown blind
stability well, run dry
…and its sand has driven us mad
Drawing imaginary lines
…And walking them

She is the playful laughter
of faeries…
Swung into cosmic dance
…She falls with grace
Not, out of it
Each step, with power & finesse
Born blessed
Her very breath, a song of celebration

…And so,
When you’ve come to know
Your innocence has been lost
It has already been gone, for sometime
The happy days of children
Somehow, some way
Lose their glittering, golden, spark
By the anchoring decisions
Of the adult
Where we cry…remember…And walk
Through tears that devour our hearts
Our souls, black holes…
…of destiny & desire
But, when we were young
When we’re young….
We always wanted for things “PURELY”
Even when they were wrong
Versatile beauty in learning
Without loss

Vestiges of what we were as children
Stand as constant reminders
That we never out grow
What we grow
Out grow truly are
Our laughter, gives us up
Golden heart exposed
As truly light & truly dark

Some dreams are slip-shod
Half-ass put together
Recklessly slammed & forced
Into position
Cyclopean walls of mixed – match stone
Left forever unfinished & untouched
Dreams formed…not natural born
Run off
Filtered down
Into a tangible state
Workable… mortal

She crackles with life
Like kindling teases the logs
to spark into flames….
She moves,
As light through a maze of mirror

A season of doubt
Self-introspection and regret
Wide eyed with fear
And the salty sting of hard water
Worse for ware
And no inclination
Towards reconciliation
Like overcast sky
On starry night

Natural as losing a limb
…To war or heavy machinery
Crippled, like childhood brutality
And adult horrors
Complete with stepping-stones
And things tripper over
Sailed upon
Stalled out, failed & frowned upon
Become more than we were
But somehow, less than we are
…Left wondering
“Does the sun carry similar scars?”

In summer’s eye
Blind, bleeding
Bright, fleeting….
Flaming brilliantly
The course run
…hands washed
Like Pious
Or a bartender quitting

Drunkenness took me
…and I found sorrow
mind flooded by memory
eyes brimming with tears
Heart & Soul
Gnawing themselves to mulch
…and at some point amidst the tumult
Sensory overload…
Washed… lights out
The sun smiling
Alarm ringing
Waking found me opposite
…psyche, on the far shores
of some gentle, peace
re-imagined in between

Salt crystals
form ornate decorations
…The ceremony is a sham anyway
understanding why, is no different
than act committed…
But; then again,
if we all shed the same skin
at the same time & of the same quality
we’d have something other than our
obligations & sufferance to profit from

The angels sing
…Though, I am still not present
Their songs offering of prayer
To deities, who no longer belong
Or perhaps, no longer care
…what’s that say about creation

so close
I can taste
her heart-beat
when we kiss…
our bodies
awkward desperation
finding truth in hungry hands
carnal instincts
topple the best laid plans
I no sooner catch my breath
…and she steals it back



Photo by Jessica Waffles