Collected Series

by: Brittany Griffiths


Optical Unconscious is an exploration of philosopher Walter Benjamin's term, optical unconscious. Benjamin was highly influenced by psychoanalysis and surrealism, both of which found their way into his work. Ideas of fluid imagery, the unthought known, and the divide between the virtual and reality were all present in his writings. Optical Unconscious plays with each of these concepts and attempts to address the way in which we produce and consume images, and our unconscious lack of awareness to the digestion of unexamined images.

photo by    Amy Miller

photo by Amy Miller

Bad Air is an exploration of the historical accounts + folklore of the 14th century outbreak of the bubonic plague in Europe.

Initial research uncovered some unthinkable practices implemented during that time period. From a poetic standpoint, it's really quite fascinating how in a time of fear from the threat of death, we can do such horrible things to one another. This series is an attempt to use language to reflect on the negative behavior that came in tow with the disease.

The Dirty D is a video project that began in January 2015. Inspired by the Dallas skyline's constantly changing neon personality. All footage was captured on a GoPro Hero Action camera and manipulated via iMovie.

An homage to the city