That Shit

It's Aktion and Chopperman with that shit
That shit, ya know, that shit
That shit that gets you active
That shit that keeps you passionate
That shit that kicks infinite
That shit that rocks magnificent
That shit that takes your cash and splits
And the best parts you're not even mad about that shit
On some mad cow shit, fat and sick
About to trip the light fantastic
Even Disney can't match this magic
Got to the finish line and ran past it
To the next rhymes since I'm a rap addict
The reckless flight is worth the crash landin'
At least in my world of abstraction
I write flight plans since I can't stand traffic

A Billion

Flowin' like I flew in
So you're open wide and groovin'
What grows inside cocoons
Symbolizes the soul inside us blooming
Golden lotus on a blue stem
I'm gonna explode if I don't loosen
And let go of all the loose ends
Only holding on to music
Gotta love it
I'm not a puppet
But I'm hangin'
Like a muppet
Found my mountain
I'm hiking up it
To the summit
To watch the sunset


Car broke down again,
But it won't get me down again
Now that I know how to handle it
It's nothing new like how my candle's lit
Same as how my grass-bowl gets
To get high like sounds of a mandolin
Or a tambourine, the rhymes just got boring
But the beat is so nice you're not snoring
I could tell a long story
About nothing and you'd still nod slowly
Action figure brought the knock boldly
It made me say holy guacamole
It's got me rocking and rolling
Oh my god these rhymes are so lame
I'm gonna run with it, get hella dumb with it
Dogs bark, pigs oink, frogs ribbit
Chopperman kicks raw lyrics
The flow is mine, you can't commandeer this
My soul's flyin' on some Commodore shit
My home's the sky, I live in a sonic fortress
The lab of solitude, where these songs get recorded
Close to heaven and far from boredom
I'm just cruisin', farfegnugen
Focused on the course and of course the music
The force that fuels this tour through this
Gorgeous universe into our true bliss
The place where in an instance
Everything seems to make sense
It's never forever when we take off
So better have landing gear that won't break off
If you want battle go looking for safe spots
If you'd rather chill settle into the chaos

Space Age Rock

Slowly exploding
Studying being a human being
For understanding
For enhancing everything
I'm lifting heavy things
Earning strength
Learning to face
Every day
In a stay-ready way
Ready for skies cloudy and grey
Ready to rise through those clouds into space
As I leave this place I leave a trace
Just in case you guys need escapes
I shouldn't say "just in case"
Because we all need escapes
Getting stuck between a rock and a hard place
If you let yourself get trapped someplace
You could end up a basket case


I eat up snafus like snack foods
Because I know there's not a damn thing I can't do
I can get the dirt out your hair like shampoo
I can jump high into the air like Shamu
I can say I love you, and I can say fuck you
I can say whatever the fuck I want to
Stopping is the only thing I can't do
I'm hopping all over the place like a kangaroo
The beat is a banger yo, that's my dude
Aktion, dude brings the loops natural
I'm comfortable as the Huxtables
On this instrumental, it's like a tuxedo
Made of basketball short material
It's tougher than leather, but more breathable
Fuck the short cuts, we took the scenic route
I swear to god, you wouldn't believe this view

Done Guessing

I murder lots, but not people
Mostly roaches at home-sweet-home
They're some tough bugs, I'll give them that
When you split one of those sons of bitches in half
The top keeps moving like it's some witch-craft
When I spray them with poison they do the Biz dance
Yeah, that was one for the Biz fans
His jams still kick ass if you ask this man
I used to listen to just a friend in my disc-man
Along with DJ Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh Prince
I'd play Rock the House and turn it up so loud
I'd get asked to turn my headphones down
A young music freak's inner sanctum
Drawing blueprints to build understandin'
I'm still standin', heels planted
Gead plannin' how to help heal this planet
Life is a test and I'm constantly crammin'
That's partially the reason I'm constantly rappin'
I guess, but I also guess I'm done guessin'
At least for a second I'm just acceptin'

New Day

It's around 11:59
About a minute until midnight
The beginning of a new day
Because everyday is a new day
I don't even need a reason
To say "hooray" other than I'm breathin'
Today is ours for the takin'
Wake and take a whiff of the eggs and bacon
Inhale this inspiration
Take it in deep and exhale it
Right about now I'm'a count down
To tomorrow, counting out loud
3, 2, 1
Happy New Day!


I'm back on my feet, looking around
Like "which one of you kicked me when I was down?"
My headphones weigh less than a pound
But when they play L's sounds it feel's like a crown
We link like Jaylib to bring the champion sound
You can call us underground but can't keep us down
We can fly to the shantiest town
And have everybody dancing around
Fresh graffiti on an abandoned shack
Bust a backspin and bounce back, landing flat
On your feet, tall with a b-boy stance
Poised against the noise, devoid angst
We don't need high ranks to deploy tanks
In this world of warcraft, word to Leroy Jenkins
Ironic rhymes, word to Pink Floyd teachin'
Like planets digable, beyond the spectrum
Like peoples dilated, the team's called expansion
Syllables related, rhyme scheme is old fashion
Refreshened, bold rappin', regret-less
At least I know that I won't regret this
I know I'm going the correct direction
In the distance I see my destination
I'm gonna make it, then have a celebration
Chill for a day then it's back to exploration
Back to mapping this mental migration
To a location of spiritual elation
Hear those vibrations?
Listen close and feel your spine strengthen
The funk is harmonious
Loo's a melodious monk like Thelonious
Soul like the hardest working man in show business
Soul like Stubblefield sounds something like this
It's got me pumping my fist, not like a guido,
But like an activist, saying power to the people
Is redundant, they already have it
They just don't know it, lost in the madness
Of fascism, I'm right there with them
In this tunnel, I can see the light where the end is
So if you want out, just follow me friends
Let's throw our fears out and take back our weekends
Let's escape the traps of our weakness
I see an extremely long list of reasons
So long, please don't ask me to read them
Like I just mentioned, I don't even have weekends
So I sure as hell don't have all day
Not with all these god damn bills to pay
I can't complain though, cause that's lame
Without much to lose, there's a whole lot to gain
I've felt much joy, also a lot of pain
If I could, I'd live this whole life again
I mispronounce things to keep you bouncing
Bouncing like balls made by Spalding
I kick like Nick Lowry, flip like Geoff Rowley
Toke like Towelie to float like Muhammed Ali
But that's not the only way I defy gravity
There's many ways I can fly actually
I'm Chopperman, I live in the sky practically
When it comes my time to leave, I can die happily
Hopefully, no one really knows anything
Because we don't know exactly what happens when we think
Still, what's real makes for a concrete base
To build a house of mirrors to reflect reality's face
Increasingly accurately as we
Go from being a blank canvas to masterpiece

Rock Climbers

Hot damn! This beat is solid golden
Some raw uncut dope to help y'all get open
Stop the mopin', don't fight the constant motion
Follow me as I show them why they call it flowin'
Murder for a jar of red rum, palindromin'
Frickin' awesome like MC Paul Barman
You can call me soft as a roll of Charmin
But I'm far from an asshole and bold like a Sargeant
Launchin' cold seeking rockets at the targets
Some icebergs are so large only fire can thaw them
I serve some thought to ignite colossus
A light to serve as guide from inside the darkness
For rock climbers to loosen the tight harness
To comfortably compete for who can climb farthest
Up this wall thats blockin us from freedom
With a rope to throw over it, unlockin the kingdom
So every rock climber can flee from the dark dominion
To be reunited with the God within them
Hittin' hard as a head on collision
LimpyLoo and Chopperman strike a match to spark the ism
Bare witness to sonic monstrousness
Even the Lochness couldn't conquer this
When we stand up we scrape skies like the Stay Puft
Overlooking the empire states roof
Or should I say roof, either way is good
There's something strange in the neighborhood
It's not a ghost, don't call the Ghostbusters
It's only Collins the flow buster
Strong enough but trying to get robuster
But less rotund, word to yo .. never mind
Is it too obvious to say clever mind
To make a clever rhyme? Once again, never mind
Don't stop, don't pause, don't press rewind
You know you got those lights so let them shine
You don't have to be Albert Einstein
To know that now's the right time to get out and fight crime
Not the victimless kind of vice crime
I'm talkin' bout the crimes against the climb of mankind
Nap time is a past time until the next time
We have time to pass time, right now is crunch time
I just said time like 6 times
7 times 8 times 9
Is five 0 four, funny, the four 0 four is mine
I was a curator of beats before an orator of rhyme
Serving up a smorgasbord of vibes
Hor d'evours to appetize for the course divine
The course of trying to elevate your mind
To broaden your horizons, we were born to rise
Sorta like the seed of a plant, towards the sky
From where it received the rain pour to thrive
The source of life arrives through storms of might
We depend on wind to fly, we can't force the flight
Before we soar we must learn to glide
Just like we have to crawl before we stride
Most people put pants on one leg at a time
But not me, man, I hop into mine

The Worst Day

The worst day of your life
Gave you more strength than the top 5 combined
One of the longest days of mine
Was the day that I typed these rhymes
I think I aged a decade that day
I almost went insane that day
I was very close to quittin' my job
Or at least walking out like it isn't my prob
I could feel my whole mind throb
It felt like my eyeballs might pop
Right out the sockets, like bottle rockets
Like I stuck a fork in an electrical socket
Shockin', how some comers
Are so quick to put the cuss in customers
Tonight the shop got FUBAR
It was super hard, but not too hard
Not enough to break me,
God doesn't forsake me
I don't need you to pray for me
This light, nobody can take from me
When I die, I'll continue to shine
Never try to define divine
No one knows how the signs are designed
But I'm still tryin' to stay aligned with mine
I'm inclined to climb the incline
Inspired to inspire, that's why I kick rhymes
I spit what's inside outside
I let it fly, gettin' high in my downtime
I left the right words from left to right
Word to wordplay, in your face and out of sight
I think that's about enough of these rhymes
So I'm'a shut my mouth and just let the beat ride  

Shots in the Dark

They tell me write a masterpiece
But this is game fishing, it's catch and release
When I create it has to be half-casually
Or it adds dismay and that's the last thing I need
I don't need to be the best
But that doesn't mean I won't reach for the crest
I need to release this pressure in my chest
There's no time to measure what's expressed
If I could weigh each rhyme
I'd make each one weigh a ton each time
But I never know which ones'll hit home
I'm just throwin' shots in the dark with this flowin'
If I could fit the key to life in a poem
I would just to wad it up and toss it in the ocean
If we had the answers, we wouldn't have to search
And then what would happen to our adventures?

Is it meant to be or coincidentally?
It seems to me to be a bit of each
A sea of tranquility is bittersweet
Because joy can't exist free of misery
Blizzards bring frigid winds that thicken skin
It's a beautiful thing when you let it sink in
We made it through generations
Of adaptation ever since creation
Nowadays men chase the pay
Just like how the cavemen chased the prey
Using Loo's loops to aviate
Chopperman's on the way to save the day
Sayin' things to break some chains
It's Abe Thinkin' emancipatin' brains
The insane think the sane are insane
You can't erase this ink, the page has been stained

Soul Fire

Trying to stay in the same mind frame
Might make thoughts migrate into a migraine
Most everything will always change
Change is the main thing that stays the same
Be real or go insane in the brain
Rhymes universal, no shame in my game
Some show hate I throw flames at those lames
I make them go away so the angels stay
Soul fire can be contagious
Soul fire can't be extinguished
Go higher than Everest with this
Close your eyes and you'll get the gist
The vibe is cooked to a crisp
Seasoned with the seasonal nuggets
Of truth, word to that, word to this
I didn't stop caring, I just started caring less
That was said in jest, I care more all the time
When I'm not pretending that all is fine
I worked hard all day
I won't let the rain wash this smile away
I still smile when the sky is grey
Even when it's been that way for days
Even when it's been that way for months
Seeking my needs as I wait for wants


When you rock hard and you work hard
And you rock lard, you hurt triple hard
It's Chops the wiztard, half stupid, half smart
Having a blast doin' some half-ass art
I don't give a rat's ass about a pop chart
Most of that trash hasn't got heart
That junk stinks worse than a hot fart
If I was given every CD at Walmart
I'd take 'em to the lake and toss 'em in a bonfire
And sing real songs as the flames got higher
Okay, that may have been a bit harsh
SPs for Spark Plugs, we're takin charge
Eureka served me up a dirty one
It's not a competition, we both already won
The gravelly guitar and the gritty drums
Make me hungry, I just wanna eat 'em
The feast is fit for a beast
It could turn Steve Erkel into Hercules
Drinking pink water on some purple trees
And still masculine as Ron Burgundy "I love poetry"
I stole the S from sleep so whats left is leap
I'll catch some Zs when I rest in peace
Today's a wonderful day to die
But a better one for stayin' alive
I didn't get this high to take a dive
But if my engine dies, I'll do a jack-knife
Without death, we can't have life
It ain't all good, but everything's alright
Everyday and all nights
Every place at all times
Every pain and all cries
Create joy worth it all as long as we try


Messin' up? Don't kick yourself, stressin'
Kick yourself in the ass with the lesson
Ask yourself this question
Is the direction you're heading the correct one?
When you rest with your head in the wrong position
You wake up with your neck in a raw condition
So face forward even when you're dreamin'
The present depends on the events that lead in
As well as the future you predict
Happiness is a tricky achievement
Trying to find the right lines and balance between them
Everything is said easier than it can be done
Yet the bomb is not as strong as the tongue
My notebook weighs a ton
I don't hate the pain of creation
Even if I hate the thing I created
It doesn't make me very aggravated
I know that I learn most when I haven't made it
Mistakes just take us to greatness
As long as we take them humble and gracious
I know, pride's no piece of cake, it's
Hard to swallow, like a piece of bait is
Self respect can't be taken
It's earned, and there's no replacement
Self respect, I'll say it again
I can't say it enough, it's some everything shit
Without it, everything is dangerous
With it, not a thing can make you flinch
Give me a mile, I'll take an inch
Give me a pile, I'll take a pinch
I'm so stubborn it barely make sense
I carry defense like Perry Mason
I steer away from variation
I get carried away with the same aviation
On a daily basis
If it isn't rhyme writin' it's beat makin'
I try to incorporate more illustration
With all that as well as my education
And vocation, there's no playin'
I'm okay with it, there's minimal complainin'
Without so many goals I may go insane again
Know what I'm sayin'?
I hope so, because I don't want to explain it
My cranium is thick but it won't cage this brain in
Sometimes slow but it's always been thinkin'
When I need a makeshift vacation
The easy answer is inebriation
But I keep trying to replace it
With more meditation and recreation
Saving drinks for the special occasions
Like some social celebrations


Rhymes and beats like these
Make classic joints like Spike Lee
That's not me being cocky
That's just me speaking honestly
About what I believe, whole-heartedly
I hope that y'all agree but flow regardlessly
There's no stoppin' me from flow droppin'
C-H-O double P- E-R is a fiend
For microphone rockin' like the God Femcee
Also known a Rakim, rhymin' flawlessly
Respect to Rashid, the guy that's on the beat
A fourteen year old child prodigy
Hearts can freeze, we can thaw those wih ease
With sound waves of raw poetry
On smokin' beats to cook the food
For thought slowly so it's not so touch to chew
Look at you, we got you open didn't we
Got you in tune with the global symphony
Glad you tuned in to these audible frequencies
Transmitted from the heart throught the beat machine
There's no flatline in the sequencing
It's so damn vibrant it's twinkling
If it was an animal this beat would be
A jet-black bobcat with eagle wings
Sly as foxs and flying flockless
Bringing light that's sonic to the silent darkness
Night sky shine like sci-fi martians
With bright colors like tie-dye garments
My bop gun is always on target
I brought funk like Jefferson Starship
Time to finish what I started
And end this verse with this word, armpit

I Am the Walrus


I am the walrus
Feeling tall as a tyrannosaurus
Killing bullshit with my guy Ryan Forest
Bro, kick some rhymes raw as a lion's roar is!

Ryan Forest

With paw's dug in the gore of a wild boar as it gorges
I flourish and warn the vultures
Reminding em what the score is
Of course the enemy sorts out a plan to invade my fortress
While I just sharpen the sword of my cortex mental thesaurus
Probably give em the horns
Like a rocking stomping out Taurus
Kickin' in proper form cuz sir Chopper's hip hop is gorgeous
If you were uninformed
There's a chance to get with the norm yet
404 technician young Chopperman is a forum vet


So fresh I expected no less
Mr. Forest always leaves the microphone blessed
This grotesque beat is no test
When we do a duet it's a dopefest
An excellent adventure like its Bill and Ted
Except this is real and we're not boneheads
We're extraterrestrial like the Coneheads
Children of the Sun, grown into poets

Ryan Forest

Before they lay my soul in the sepulcher
I'm just tryna do shows on the regular
Looking forward to the hos and the hecklers
Young heads figuring the flow's non sequitur


The flow's spectacular to open apertures
That's photographic worth in only 7 words
Showing ways out for mental prisoners
Drawing up routes for potential visitors
Sharp thoughts slice through their scales and
Cold blood sizzles on the hot pavement
I got lost but never stopped trainin'
Now I can't lose, comp's facin' complications

To Find Truth

Nothing like a night skate for getting the mind straight
Ditching my hate, feeling that life's great
Shifting my weight, steering my way
Far away from all the things that might make me irate
No rocks in my roads, no stones in my sneakers
No distortion in the sounds of my speakers
The street turns into the sky
And I, an asteroid, burning through so high
Do I know why? No I don't and I don't mind
I float fine with no idea to show mine
Where to go, yellow lines won't confine
This joy ride I'm all over the road, it's mine
But I'll share it, because I'm sure it's yours too
No man can choose his own avenues
A road with no intersections
Either goes in circles or in both directions
To nowhere, the cliffs of abysses
To find truth in this I don't need statistics
I fight for the union like Ulysses
S. Grant I'll say it again in case you missed it
I fight for the union of humans
Against the demons schemin' to consume them
In the school I attend I'm never truant
I learned how every angle is congruent
No scholar of any institution
Can teach the understanding of a hard knocks student
And even the highest master of karate
Can't give the discipline that working hard brings
I can tell you why the caged bird sings
The songs about a dream about the caged birds wings
And that's the only thing that keeps the caged bird sane
Bars are the only thing that keeps the caged bird tame
To find truth in this I don't need a survey
I see truth in this clear as day
It's no hearsay, it's here to stay
See how I leave clouds when steer this way
Still you can't blame me for this rain
Keep pushing to keep it from rusting your bearings
Keep exploring the unknown carrying
Your curiosity to everything and away
From nowhere the cliffs of abysses
To find truth in this I don't need statistics
I fight for the union like Ulysses
S. Grant I'll say it again in case you missed it
I fight for the union of humans
Against the demons schemin' to consume them
In the school I attend I'm never truant
I learned how every angle is congruent

Camp Song

During the spring of 2012
I was paying bills for a place near hell
I planned out and escape route
To stay at the campground until fall came around
In the days leading into May
I threw and gave many things away
I haven't missed any of it to this day
I knew I hadn't made a mistake
When I set up camp on that fateful day
I felt so free yet at home in a way
I always loved the great outdoors
Living out there made me love it even more
Than before, I'd see deer nearly every morn'
And I wouldn't ever see a landlord
My 404 doesn’t need a damn cord
6 batteries kept me from gettin' bored
Add a bon fire and a beer cooler
And I'd feel cooler than Slick Rick the Ruler
Restin' from strugglin', practicin' jugglin'
Widdlin' sticks for balance when stumblin'
Through the woodlands like a country bumpkin
Call me a hillbilly I'm really a mountain lion
Fell down a thousand times and still climbin'
The cat that somehow stayed alive ‘til life ten
I liked the holes in the tarp over my tent
They looked like stars from within
They let some drops of rain in
The consolation was the constellations
Through deep concentration
I go from lost in space into a cosmic haven
I've lost some things and also gained some
I learned the pain is where the strengths from
I forced it through the SP ‘til the pads went numb
The numbers rubbed off, but I stayed on the one
One day I was sittin’ there
At my campsite working on some tent repair
I cut my hand and couldn't find a band aid
So I wrapped it up with cotton and duck tape
No first aid kit for this ignoramus
With an injured tent for entertainment
From a pack of 6 I'd had a few cans
Up pulled a channel 6 news van
The sun was high and so was the temperature
The camera guy looked insecure
The reporter asked me for an interview
For a few seconds I thought it through
And turned them down, I knew I looked like a fool
Plus, most of my family didn't have a clue
That I didn't have a room, I held it in
I knew it would lead to an argument
And them worrying when the storms blew in
I knew that would make it harder than
It had to be, I hardly had to lie
As a happy guy, why would they ask me why
After I returned to civilization
I had a brand new appreciation
And now if I ever have to escape again
I can move to the lake and do the whole thing again
But smarter, less beer, more cooking with fire
Less tent repair, more looking up skyward
We don't see the stars at daytime
Only at dark do they shine

We All Evolve

What you thought it was is not what it was at all
It happens all the time on this cosmic ball
We all evolve
Some for best, some for worst
Some put the verse in universe
But most artists on Earth are humans first
A massive ego is the truest curse
I'm glad to have one though, that’s a joke
I'm grown, mine crumbles and grows gradual
My mind often fumbles
And throws laterals but it also catapults
Flows at the goals to go snatch the gold,
Shit’s magical
In the lab I'm civil, in the field, an animal
I balance both, in this realm unnatural
I'm a natural, international
Nature still breathes beneath the concrete
And the metal, the dust will settle on the soil
Will we go like the giant reptiles
Wiped out in a worldwide exile
Or will we reconcile
Do I have any idea what I'm talking about?
Hardly, I just got my mind back from the lost and found
I'm awful now but I'm awesome bound
I feel it in my bones, I'm lifting off the ground
Drifting away, carried by the sound
To where I can lounge and find an ounce
Of peace before crashing down
Back on the floor but stronger than before
With more clarity to see what could be in store


How's about another one about nothing now
Just spouting out a verse written down just for gettin' down
Subject matter doesn't matter
As long as the lyrics are real and original
No ten count, I'm going ten rounds
Without a doubt, I'm ownin’ this bout
Heavy fisted and I'm throwing them pounds
My home's a brick house, there's no blowing this down
When the big bad wolf comes around
That big asshole just gets clowned
I don't cower when he shows teeth and growls
When he opens his mouth, it’s only to howl
He makes some wicked noises but won't eat an owl
Because wisdom is poisonous to wolf bowels
To the union of poems and beats I’m devout
These aren't just rhymes, they're wedding vows
Yes we will
Honor the bond through sickness and health
I’ve been licensed to ill since 12
Now I'm 29 and still raisin' hell
It’s Chopperman, not the son of Jor-El
Just a guy tryin’ to free minds from under a spell
At 15 I wished for a '71 Camaro
Now, when I dream, the 404 is where I go
I try to sketch a paradise
With a portal that accepts everybody
I sound like a hippie probably
But this is me and it’s all I can be
I do my thing, there's no plan B
Y'all are unique and there's no twin C
Be yourself unless yourself sucks
If it does, just try some other stuff
Replace the things you do
That you know suck
With things that you don't do
That don't suck


Too much moping and complaining
So many adults behaving like babies
If you hate your situation
Try to escape it or find a way to change it
If you can't clean the muck up
Admit it and shut the fuck up
No one wants to hear someone
Who constantly wants to discuss problems
I'm not against listening to friends ventin'
Until it gets repetitive and consistent
It's pathetic when one bitches relentless,
And it's like they live in the bitchin' dimension
If your whole realm resembles hell
I'm sorry, but still don't need to hear the whole tale
And really don't want to, there's not much
That I wouldn't rather do, so there's a lot of stuff
I'd rather do, I'd rather watch paint dry
That may inspire some fresh rhymes
I'm not a saint, but still, my shame is slight
I veered off course but always aimed at the light
Go ahead and say that I ain't right,
I don't give a damn, I'm just trying to take flight
Away from my aches and fright
Brain scrambled like my eggs get fried
But it gets unmixed with this exit ride
It's like committing anti-suicide
U+I is impossible to divide
Because we always coincide
I'm attempting anti-homicide
Trying to bring the half-alive back to life
Trying to amplify hearts and minds
To perpetuate magic vibes
This feels like a magic carpet ride
Opposite how it feels when your car just died
Taking off surprised, far up in the sky
Only looking back one time, to say goodbye

Goodbye Ground

Where did my cares go? Not that I care though
If my cares were arrows the bow's the stereo
Goodbye ground, I'm goin' aerial
The soulful lo-fi sounds are so ethereal
Do you want to see a very dope video?
Youtube Scenario on Arsenio
New school kids get told the dilly yo
My man MCA's got a beard like a billy goat
This beastie boy here's nice with syllables
The sounds are solid so the vibe is feelable
With a sore core and a healing soul
I'll give it more and more until I keel to cold
It's a miracle that I'm chillin' still
The sun is mortal and everyone is killable
I can't let go of my last shred of hope
For something larger that's outside my scope
My mind is blown when my eyes behold
The giant sky, the wonder's undeniable
We're underneath a massive masterpiece
Framed by the horizon, three sixty
It changes ceaselessly
Everyday it's as unique as we
Are, unique as each star
Connected like constellations through these bars


They hear me but they don't hear from me
I'm always there but don't appear to be
I'm not proud but I don't feel sorry
I always try to be there when they call me
Following a long work week
It's hard to tear me from the laboratory
That's the only place where I can soar free
Flying far above the categories
That could pull me apart from the whole thing
Out there I don't even know my own name
I'm most at home when I roam the range
I won't let go of the reigns
I built this wagon for roads unpaved
I built it with one roll of duck tape
Those without much have the most faith
In there own strength because that's the one thing
They can hold tight, thieves can't take what's inside
I hate to say I hate but I hate those low-lifes
That take from the poor for their own benefit
Backwards Robin Hoods run the government
I did not digress
The last lines connect with the first that I said
My writing is old school like cursive
The words connect like the letters did

Singing One

When we come through it's to lift you
Up to where the view is beautiful
If you were already there, now we're with you
If not, please come back, we miss you
Here where we're all together
Separation cannot be measured
The ground we stand on is the connector
We can't fall so let's gather
And speak truth to power
Turn the volume up louder
Let's reclaim what's ours
Our right to remain howlers
Our brains can't be showered
Our taste can't be soured
Our logic can't be altered
We are all one with
The Earth and the Sun
Everything, everyone
With the land and the sea
Yes, we have all we need

Victory Lap

The key word is onward
The Chief offered this beat, it's an honor
I'm liftin' like Blitzen and Donner
But I don't need any reindeer, only a funky drummer
The ground sure can be a bummer
When we're stuck under something much funner
I'm not a stranger to a blunder
I've been the latter of dumb and dumber
And that's dumber than dumb
But all the mess-ups brought shreds of wisdom
We're works in progress, never done
Until the last breath inhaled into the lungs
My right to think wasn't given, it was won
And ever since then I've been one
With the inner vision of the fourth dimension
It isn't dementia, it was normal existence
Before vivid dreaming was forbidden
I hope this is greasing some door hinges
Explore the corridors of your business
You never know which room bliss lives in
Dig this or miss it, the message is deep
From the pits to this position, the passage was steep
All the pain in my back and my feet
Is a small price to pay for the sights that I've seen
Bob, what just happened to this beat
Just asking, it's no problem to me
I kinda dug that shit, actually
Who scr-scra-scra-scratched the CD
Cho-cho-Chopperman is ba-ba-ba-ba-bad
Spaced out like be-be-be-Bennie and the Jets
Where was I? It's anybody's guess
Sorta like whatever comes next
I always try to hope for the best
Though I've grown to expect much less
You can only measure your own success
Because only you truly know the expense
Many throws are missed
Before those hits over the fence
We can't predict the pitch
But we can still knock it out the park like this
And take a victory lap


I appreciate you pressing play
On this today, this is Chopperman
And I’m please to say, I got beats that are great
From all over the world for this tape
Places such as Toronto, the UK
Germany, Australia, Spain
The Netherlands, and both coasts of the USA
As well as KC, where I used to stay
In my youthful days, confused and dazed
I’d cruise and blaze while the music played
Anyways, this is a compilation
Of collaborations of the SP nation
I do believe all the beats were made by SPs
Beside Windu’s, he used his MPC
I don’t front on the M-I-C
I’m not one to squander a nice beat
I try to keep the rhymes keen
Pain the lemons and leave the limes green
Sometimes even I don’t know what I mean
My ink is guided by my instinct
My heart and mind are in sync
I have faith in the thoughts that I think
I’m climbing to a mountain peak
Don’t push me, ‘cause I’m on the brink
Of something big


Being a human being is confusing
Why do we use a C to spell cuisine?
You’d think it would begin with a Q
It makes no sense like so many things we do
Most people know, patience is a virtue
But that knowledge shows through in so few
Life is much too short to rush through
But who’s at the fast food drive through?
A lot of us, the line’s long, it’s ironic
My town has two record shops and five Sonics
The fat cats reply to demands with supplies
We can’t act surprised when they capitalize
They wrap it in lies to capitalize
They hope you get sides and supersize
Ads hypnotize and condition minds
Render them blind to defend on dollar signs
I stay on my grind trying to save all my dimes
And create all the time to get paid on the side
I consider my day job like
An exercise in patience, I wait at stoplights
Thinking up rhymes, they can’t stunt mines
This brain is tough; it’s been trained to fight
For thought by hip hop with a blade of insight

Open Wide

Chopper on the mic, Devoye on the beat
Marching through the night, avoiding the beast
Musicians unite, destroying the greed
Drawing the line between the wants and the needs
And fading the one between haves and have nots
If you’ve got heart you have a whole lot
Think you’ve got it hard, welcome to the club
Nobody said life wouldn’t be tough
Without all the ups and downs of this ride
It wouldn’t be fun, the fountain would go dry
Without the rain storms the drought would slow life
Down till it stops to lie down and close eyes
Open wide and swallow the vibe
Follow the rhyme, we all coincide
Riding the tide of this ocean of time
It’s gold when a fine instrumental combines
With vocal designs, I can’t help but try
To give back to something that helped me survive
I know this is corny but I know it’s true
I try to live by the golden rule
Treat people how you want them to treat you
Yeah, I’m taking it back to preschool
Look both ways when you cross the street fool
I reach through wires to spark fires
And bring light deep in the dark like coal miners
We got soul like shoe shiners
Make you move slyer than saber-toothed tigers
Blazing through cyberspace to inspire
And make a few dollars, this thing we do is ours
Sometimes it only takes a few bars
To break through the stars and escape to Mars
Like El Gifto Magnifico
I like to give those props when I kick a flow
While I’m at it, peace to Madlip
I can’t wait for that new Quasimoto album
Back in ’03 maybe ’04
I bought the unseen at a local store
Called Love Garden, I was new in Lawrence
But I knew it was home when I moved in the dorms
Not that I fit in, I know that I didn’t
I found my niche and I’m diggin’ it
Building my nest stem by stem
Someplace I can rest when I’m done flyin’

The Gonz Section

This cold beat just told me to boldly
Go Mick Foley and bully the shit fully
I’m quick to flip like Rodney Mullen
How can shit so raw be molten?
Check the Gonz Section in non-fiction
That was my shit back in ‘97
Call me olden, it’s all golden
I was a 90s kid like Macaulay Culkin
I can slide in a stale Hollywood reference
And make it fresh since I stay in present tense
As hectic as things can get
I do my best to remain connected with
This method of conscious expression
Picking up the vibe to drop this reflection
Then it’s on to the next logical progression
Yes I did just reference gift of gab again
Please pardon the repetition
Just let noggin nod the rhythm
What’s this, bar number seven?
Fuck it, I’m not a technician
I got the bop gun and a lot of ammunition
Props to HS plus the rest of fam we’re reppin’
Rocking SP’s is our specialty
Because rocking SP’s is our destiny
We rock our SP’s festively
As well as pensively and always progressively


On a beat like this I rock mean lyrics
This grittiness got me fearless
Ready to tear shit on some grizzly bear shit
Sinking my teeth in to each snare and kick
I eat the drums and bury the sticks
Digging the dirt like a terrier bitch
I carry a wrench for the neck bolts
I’ve been trouble since I broke the shackles
Run from those cackles comin’ from the shadows
The bop gun’s locked and loaded with ammo
B chopped the samples with a battle-ax
I ride the track like an old Cadillac
With boots made from rattlesnakes
I push it full throttle then slam the brakes
These days there’s no time to waste
I despise the race but I’d like to place
This system we live in is sick and twisted
Infested with crooked politicians
Cash rules from the east coast to the Pacific
Democracy’s a joke when government is big business
This world’s a mess but that won’t stop me
From doing my best and keeping my spot clean
Your life will be wild beast
Attacking violently if it’s off its leash
You gotta keep control of body and soul
Conducting solar energy through
The centerpiece of your anatomical
Chemistry, inwardly astronomical
Reach in and catch a comet tail
And travel to a world without a hell
Winds of change form energy storms
Muscles don’t grow without being torn



Flying at a million miles an hour
Our space swiftly returns to outer
Marveling at a quasar’s power
Amazed by the way stars get devoured
Into the dark belly of a black hole
Nothing else known is more powerful
They say the whole thing is a result
Of an explosion 14 billion years ago
Earth was formed with a bulging equator
Titled at about 24 degrees
Chillin’ on its route with a gangsta lean
Blue and green, the most beautiful thing
The shared home of each human being
And we wouldn’t be here if not for suns
That died, releasing helium, oxygen
Hydrogen and nitrogen
The nuclear reactions are violent
As sure as every sun’s life ends
New ones are born, in the clouds of Orion

"There are an enormous number of stars. Only some of them will have planets suitable for life. On only some of those worlds will intelligence arise; and perhaps a few of those civilizations will avoid the trap jointly set by their technology and their passions. If there are many civilizations, one of them should be rather close by. If there are few civilations, then even the nearest may be very far away."
                                                                  - Carl Sagan

Ryan Forest

We wanna touch bases with unknown races
But fate meant our race to space was abrasive
To state my case it's a waste to chase
I would rather taste the angst of debasement
Than demonstrate humanity's blatant ape shit phase
Encased within some cubical psuedo state
Of greatness
When we could escape this frame for heaven's sakes
The final frontier
Exploring for years we wait
With patience
For signs of sapience
Like lights from spaceships
Inquiring agents
Grey skins
I break with mainstream societies fake scripts
Examine and acknowledge anomalies in their statements
Pace is, far too vast
To be unique
In a sea of a trillion stars all light years within reach
Interstellar space
The Voyager floats deep
In search of contact
Until it's fuel depletes

Tetris Cannabinol

And the saga continues
Padin Windu chops clean as a ginsu
Raw human heart on the menu
Not for cannibals, this is food that you listen to
Mystical like witches’ brew
A mix to kill the bitch in you
Some wizards who can animate the man in the moon
Then stand on the roof and hand him a doob
The jam is called Tetris Cannibinol
Cuz it sounds like an 8-bit strand of some ganja
I don’t even know what planet I’m on
Where did I go, how long have I been gone?
I’m the Travis Walton of this hip hop shit
Except I’m havin’ an awesome cosmic trip
Listen close and hear this fearlessness
Where I live is near cliff
My only vacation is here with this
This music thing is my therapist
My only safe haven, my dearest friend
The origin of my ear-to-ear grin
The closest thing I have to religion
The gust of wind that makes my spirit ascend
I haven’t seen heaven but I hear it within
I like the beer and the hemp
I love the snare and the kick
No simpler way to word it
That’s about as clear as it gets
Sometimes the vibes seem so miraculous
I think it might even cure paralysis
Pure funk poured from gold chalices
Has the kid in a wonderland like Alice is
Where fantasy meets reality
Is where the fingers meet the piano keys
Where the mouth meet the mouthpiece
The melodic sounds speak for the galaxy
In tune with the universal harmony
The wind chimes sound like angel harp strings
Listening to the Andromeda sing
Rest and heal like an injured arm in a sling
Until ready to return to the colosseum
To conquer demons that silence these songs of freedom
We gotta be extremely strong to be ‘em
I’m not sleepin’ till mine are all defeated
I solemnly spit my thoughts as lyrics
I’m not a cleric, my hearts 12-karat
I have to create; I might as well share it
I have to repeat, music is my therapist
I’ll never retreat, this mission’s imperative
I have to redeem my personal narrative
I have a story that barely made it to where it is
I gave it everything to carry this heaviness
Don’t mistake it for arrogance
I’m only important because of your importance
I’m holding this torch because of the darkness
Thunderstorms bring us the harvest
As long as we don’t shrink, it’s marvelous
Fear can make bother-less things arduous
It’s not the weather; it’s how you weather it
It’s not the mountain; it’s how you measure it
Get to hiking instead of giving an estimate
Determine your destiny rather than guessin’ it


An ant crawled across the tip top
Of the screen side of my lap top
As a wee lad, I would shop
At a store called Streetside for my hip hop
I would thank that ant for that line
But I smashed that ant, that ant died
And as I typed those last lines
I realized what I did, and sighed inside
Mad at myself for that homicide
To be honest, I almost cried
Face to face with my disgraceful waste of a life
That made its way into my space and faced its demise
I wish I'd scooped it up and taken it outside
And thanked it for me making me think about Streetside
Via rhymes, that word, via, reminds
Me of Taco Via, their nachos fueled the rides
On a board I bought at a shop called Let It Ride
I'd be bustin’ pop shove its and nose slides
And 5-0 grinds backside and frontside
I might've just lied, but at least frontside
I tried a bluntslide but busted my backside
I guess you could say I busted a buttslide
Nowadays, I mostly just ride
My long board, painted on its bottom side
Is The Dude, Walter and Donny
Therefore its called The Big Leboardski
My second most prized possession behind
You guessed it, my SP because it gets me so live
It lifts me up high and lets me hang glide
Back to my lab to find wax for my next flight
Yes I love the sky and especially when I'm
Part of it, leaving behind smoky designs
You know I can't quit, you know I won't stop
My microphone's been on for so long
There's no off-switch on this
I brace myself, there's no orthodontist
I sorta lost it but sorta still got it
I'm not goin’ soft, you know I still rock it
Til the clock tells me my time is up
I'll work hard, weakness makes this life shit suck
Get tough, so when you fall you can get up
And walk it off, on to the next bump

Antique Kirby

Bring that beat back
I’ll grab it by the drums and swing back
And forth from knock to clack
Now it drops to hats and…
Gotta let the beat breathe
As it walks the line between dirty and clean
Like an antique Kirby machine
I found one in a heap on the side of the street
Within one week it went
From storage to garbage to my apartment
To these rhymes, how’s that for salvage?
I managed to get six lines out of it
And those led to these, so technically
Even more even if they’re sorta petty
It’s whatever buddy, can’t please everybody
Waiting for perfection won’t please anybody
So I pen these flawdly
If this was karate I guess I would not be
Mister Miagi, I’d be a green belt probably
I can’t tell you how much fun
I had writing this stuff thanks to Herr Gustafsson
And everyone for listening

Old Memories

I don’t want to be a kid again
I don’t want to leave this independence
But I do love to reminisce
About back when rent was just Stimpy’s friend
Back when my bank was a piggy, friend
Long before my zigzags went ziggy, friend
All I needed was my pad and a pen
That or a pencil
Can it be that it was all so simple then?
Running up to the ice cream truck
For some fun dip, remember that stuff?
I remember that stuff, I look back and smile
Thinking about my life as a child
It’s wild
Some old memories
Are buried treasures and some of them are scary
So we much be daring
To explore our heads, it can get hairy
I’m not trying to live in the past
I’m also not trying to forget the past
I’m just trying to make some sense of this mess
I’d be at the swing set at recess
Now I swing with beats to relax
My thoughts become unrepressed
And my pad and pen reattach
When I love my mind I retrace my steps
And remember where I’ve been
To know who I am

Rock On

I don’t really gotta say shit
This beat’s so ill you gotta play this
Teewok’s the greatest
I very proudly typed his alias
On the playlist, is the guy an alien?
I feel like I’m on a spaceship, one that’s spacious
On its way to some oasis
A home away from home located
Within a different dimension’s rotation
A solar system of a dippin’ constellation
There goes my imagination
I let it roam like a nomadic nation
According to my calculations
Teewok is still the greatest
I barely planned the cadence
I can’t go wrong on this instrumentation
Listen, it’s sacred
See, I wasn’t playin’
And neither is he, deep concentration
Is needed to bring these kind of creations
It’s hard to believe it was brought to me, ain’t it
I guess it’s cause most these emcees are anus
Sayin’ heinous poetry hopin’ to be famous
I don’t even hate it, I flow to irrigate it
So the next generation isn’t so irritated


I feel good, real good
I feel like I’m chillin with Jake and Elwood
Playin’ it cool… not playin’ the fool
Playin’ my hand with an ace in the hole
Aimin’ to win, but not afraid to lose
Blazin’ the green to fly away from the blues
Occasionally, I don’t hate to be down
Every smile grows out of a frown
I’m smilin’ right now, feeling thankful
For the air I breathe
For the water I drink
For my sanity
For my family
I’m thankful for this funkful beat
Brought to you by my dude unfolding
This thing’s got me in full swing
Thanks for helping my soul sing
Music opens my whole being
We can shine without some jewelry
Just some old school rap like Kool G
This jam’s so damn funky ooweeee
I love it, and I feel so thankful
For the summer breeze
For the winter freeze
For the autumn leaves
For the green spring brings
For this life of mine
For moonlight and sunshine
For lemons and limes
For all the good times
And the bad ones too, that’s how we grow
Can’t have the sky without the ground below
All around the globe
The same song sings out from souls
Everyone knows struggle
Those that know it best know it’s beautiful
Everything that brings joy
Would bring pain if it became destroyed
My favorite cliché is seize the day
The merry breeze always blows away
But it also always returns
Eternal as the fire burns

Now Is Awesome

I woke up to the sound of raindrops
No alarm clock on my day off
Been waiting all week for a day without chores
I’m not even mad that it’s raining outdoors
I might take a walk and sing in the downpour
On my way to the Dollar Store, where I can afford
Everything, so I choose three or four
And on the way home, sing some more like

All to do today is enjoy the day
Take it easy and have some good fun
All the bills are paid, and I’m feelin’ great
Then was stressful, but now is awesome

Flying higher than cloud niner
Lighting a fire underneath Ursa Minor
Finding remedies like the Herbaliser
Blowing off steam, verbal geyser
Flowing off stream, to where the view is nicer
Free to go deep like a scuba diver
But today I’m no rhyme scrutinizer
I’m getting loose without the screwdriver

All to do today is enjoy the day
Take it easy and have some good fun
All the bills are paid, and I’m feelin’ great
Then was stressful, but now is awesome


Thank you woke up on the wrong side of the bed
Maybe you’re thinking with the wrong side of your head
I’ll bring raw rhymes ‘til I’m dead
And I’m trying to live a long life, to go, I dread
And so, I know it’s time to sweat
Time to shed some weight and save some bread
Time to climb way up away from debt
Time to do better than what I claimed was my best
Time to treat every day like a test
I’m trying to ace, or at least get an A-
I guess it’s more like a pop quiz
Because of the surprise problems
Rise and rise, sunrise to sunrise
Feelin’ so alive, just lovin’ livin’ life
I wanna get it right, I’m gonna give a fight
And give it all my might, no ifs, ands or mights
About it, now is the time
To stop sitting around and rise
Like Marley, stand up for your rights
I’ll never give up; I’m down for what’s right
All night, I can rhyme right with right
And it’s alright, right? Well... alright
I hope you said yes, if not, get on pissy
Road and head west to shit creek, just kidding
Please, head north and kick it with me
T, thanks for another magnificent beat


Block rockin' beats
Got me spiritually strong as can be
Most of these were offered to me
If I could afford to pay a thousand dollars for each
I would in a heartbeat, the charge from these
Gets me higher than the ganja trees
It’s like they passed everlasting bongs to me
Packed full of heaven's best botany
My SP-forums inbox fits wings
That lift me to foreign mountain peaks
And back to my apartment balcony
With some fresh notes on sonic alchemy
I'll probably live in Lawrence til I decease
Still, I feel right at home when I'm on these
With around thirty thanks and no apologies
I put my heart into all sixteen

The Way to Whoop a Pachyderm's Ass

I never knew Kung Fu but I do
Know a few ways to kick ass, one two one two
Let’s rumble, I punch through prejudice
And pummel the false logic of injustice
Righteousness needs to toughen up and
Give this corruption and endless concussion
Where you spend money is what you vote for
Keep some money home, support local stores
I kick the ill flow with a steel toe
To kill dope beats with some rhyme kwon do
Style and skills, a divine combo
Crafting words like swords of Hattori Hanzo
Call me Rhymbo, I fight fear with the bomb flow
Material like a spiritual poncho
Singing in the meteor shower
I’m one with the stars, Collins of the cosmos
Astro-travelling like Quasimoto
The lab I practice in is a quasi-dojo
I blow off steam so I don’t go loco
My thought train rolls where no known roads go
The little organ that could took it’s own road solo
As an adult I still love being home alone
I plug in the pads and put on the dome-phones
And zone out to Zen without going’ ohmmm
The lab’s a quasi-monastery
A spot where thoughts are rarely monetary
Calm and serene like on the prairie
Puffin’ like Peter, Paul, and Mary
Half-baked like Ben and Jerry
Beats beats beats on the itinerary
And now another beat’s gonna be getting buried
In the file titled “Beat Cemetery”

R.I.P. Wesley Willis

Open Invitation

Life brings everybody to their knees
Only the strong get back on their feet

N-O-W, that’s the word
Now is won not just when it’s spelled backward
Practice presence til tis mastered
To soar free as the Ol’ Dirty Bastard
Reincarnated as a bird, toucan clan
N-E-S-T-E-D man
Protect your nest, Beakwon, Crowface Killa
Inspectah Peck, Buzrd, Fezrs, Duck Billa
Shit is sickenin’ like ten shots of hot tequila
Salmonella or some rotten mozzarella
I’ll say this next line acapella
I’m a fun guy, portabella
That was corny, hella sorry… not
Party on Wayne, party on Jabberjosh
All of y’all party on responsibly
Toss the Pall Malls and opt for the ganja tree

Rock with me

Rock this raw hip hop shit proud
Put the windows down and turn it up loud
Then turn it up louder, funk power
Can turn a morning person into a night prowler
Explosive like gun powder, funk power
Sometimes makes faces look sour
And it makes speakers look like sunflowers
As it sustain life like rain showers
Funk power trumps the power
Of empire insiders and liar umpires
I’m an up riser, an ex-mental prisoner
A present instrumental executioner
A future president of a group of anti-presidents
A planted resident of Lawrence, the land I represent
Yup, still livin’ my life in L town
I got up every time I fell down

Get up with me

Talk is cheap but dope rhymes are priceless
I’ll write all night long to find my mind’s gems
I call it fly fishing because I’m trying to catch flight
Now don’t act like that line was not tight
Last night I lived like it was my last night
Do what you want, I’ma live my damn life
That’s right, I bought the ticket to take the ride
You can run but there’s no place to hide
None shall pass through without getting sized up
Damn this depth! Are these quicksand rhymes or what?
Time to get up again, it’s like the cycle is infinite
This existence shit is incredible, isn’t it?
When I peer at life with clear sight
I can’t believe we’re here, it’s weird right?
So many questions unanswered
It’s really weird! That’s for damn sure!

Get weird with me!

Earth Love


I say I'm deranged but in a strange way
I actually act crazy to stay sane
It’s hard to explain so instead I'll say
With that said, on with the head case wordplay
Trying to think up great lyrics hurts my brain
So I settle for whatever rides the train
Of thought, sometimes the thing grows wings
And takes off into a dream-world scene
A place without pain where I reign as King
Everyone's Kings and Queens on that plane of being
Playin’ beats is like planting trees
They seem to make it easier to breathe
A killer break beat can bring a cool breeze
On a hot day to decrease the degrees
And increase the good energy that helps us see
Our blessings and how they dwarf our short-comings
Work, play and rest keep me busy
As all the ups and downs keep me dizzy
I could say everything will be OK
And every other inspirational cliché
But I'd rather not, that would be rather lame
I'd rather blather on about random things
Without a plan or aim just playin’ the word game
Arrangin’ a verse that may display the inner flame
It blazes in the rain even brighter
Storms feed the fire, together they breed a fighter
Whenever grey skies start pourin’ down water
Sing in the shower about how you love her
Mother Earth is one beautiful bitch
You think she loves you back till she pulls the kill-switch
Still I cant be angry about it
She brought me into it, she can kick me out of it

Ganja Ninja

I don’t eat many greens, I just smoke them
T.H.C. is my love potion These L.K. are potent
One or two gets me floatin’
A dugout, Visine, chewing gum and cologne
Make me the ganja ninja, stoned with no one knowin’
High like noon, the moon, or balloons on the loose
But on the low, sliding through almost unnoticed
In a room full of smoke I’m still focused
My eyes are on the prize even when they’re barely open
Santa clones merrily blow clouds
Gliding like Mary Poppins, my medicine goes down
Smooth without a spoonful of sugar
Pass the spoon-bowl to the Larry town slugger
Who’ll flick a schwag joint like a booger
I’m a K.B lover, call me a tree hugger
Call me what you want just don’t call me up
I’m training for the 2014 cannabis cup
Toking and joking like Steve Miller
You might see me on my street looking bewildered
Or at a bar on Mass Street shooting billiards
Acting sillier than Ben Stiller or Bill Burr
With the homie’s smokey and bart burnt
Sipping on a schooner or some kind of lager
Jukebox purring midnight marauders
‘Cause my dollar bought a round of firewater
For the house, I’m not a fight starter
Until some clown turns down the light sparker
Pulsating through the speaker
Love makes us stronger, hate leaves us weaker
Art enables love between strangers
Not to say that it’s never been dangerous
Same goes for messing with cannabis
Everyone knows that smoking is cancerous
Still we can’t get enough
Man, this is Lawrence, Kansas, the grass is fantastic
And it might be greener on the other side
But I’m fine with these purple nugs of mine
With a mouth of cotton and lungs of iron
The big kid is dancing on the rings of Saturn
I make songs out there then bring them back to Earth
Thankfully my sampler is battery powered
The grasstronaut is burning a bat of keef powder
Blasting off with sour diesel powered
Propellers to stellar paradises
Where the artist are left to their devices
We’re all artists, only some realize it
Weed helped me do that so I stand behind it

Third Eye Dilator

Just having some fun
I can write whatever I want
I can jump forward six months
And see myself on the other side of the sun
Making beats, working on my Midas touch
Alchemy for a surplus of cold dust
In the form of 24 karat instrumentals
And journals full of eternal gemstones
This ill shit will fertilize minds
Growing ideas that immortalize minds
The soul defies time and gravity sometimes
Take it from the one flying with the beats and rhymes
Kool Herc must’ve been the most righteous brother
Since the Wright Brothers, the flight fathers
Why bother climbing over obstacles
When flying far above them is possible
I’m thinking outside the boom box
By an ocean of consciousness skipping moon rocks
Rudolph had a shiny nose
I got shiny flows to blow the roof off
The bounce is tight like new shocks
Open up when the loop knocks
Dude drops funk fresh as dewdrops
Slicing like wolverine, check the cool chops
Taste the free sample of the fruits of my labor
It’s baskin’ Collins with that 404 flavor
Skewering sounds with a light saber
The sewer is connected to the skyscraper
Who turns loose leaf to fly paper
With enough rhymes to fill a Grand Canyon sized crater
Leaving cold lines behind like ice skaters
Chopperman with the third-eye dilator

Let Go

Don’t spend a dumb dollar
My mantra until my bank accounts got a comma
Introducing the new and improved Chopper
I super-glued my thought cap on to choose smarter
Every day’s heavy with decisions
I want to make the right ones with steady persistence
It’s so much easier said than done though
I’m going gung ho, this next verse deserves a drumroll

Ready for the illest rhymes of al time
Me too, it’s just too bad they’re not mine
It’s alright, sometimes I drop dimes
And I have fun writing so why stop, right?
I enjoy it as long as I don’t sweat it
Life’s tough enough when I’m not my own worst critic
No dis on tip but I don’t ask it kick it
If the crowd isn’t loud I’ll dig the sound of crickets
When I was writing this a funky instrumental
Came on and made me want to spit a flow
After I spat one line
I got distracted by some kid passing by
And if he heard me that would be gold
‘Cause all I said was, “Just completely let go”
He was probably thinking, “Yeah, I know
I’m a child that holding on shit is for adults”

Let go over and over and over
Let go like it’s your middle name
Let go again and again and again
Let go maybe it’ll make you feel great
Let go today for a more dope tomorrow
Let go like Fido playing fetch
Let go tonight and have the time of your life
Let go have a good soul stretch

Let go release repeatedly
Let go of regrets and lift your hopes up
Let go completely to flee free
Let go of yourself, hold on to your love
Let go not now but right now
Let go of your ego and become the people
Let go if you forgot how forget you forgot now
Let go let your energy flow

Accept the Mystery

Open minds are ready to learn
Closed ones are too stubborn
I’m not trying to preach, I’m trying to teach
I want to be a piece of what the world needs
We need education and inspiration
Lots more love and much less hatin’
Some blame wrongfully for their misery
When they’re not strong enough to claim responsibility
Instead of hating my enemies
I thank God that instead of them I’m me
When I speak of God I’m referring to a mystery
I can’t imagine it being some entity
But who knows, definitely not me
So I shall proceed agnostically
I don’t need religion to make good decisions
And be a decent person with a meaningful mission
You can look for a face in the clouds
I’ll search for grace in the sounds
I feel healed by the bass when it pounds
Heavenly vibes, I’m chasing them down
Think about what you want to about
Revive your imagination now
Imagine flying around the galaxy
Then realize that’s your reality
Imagine an alien race
That lets us live for the sake of art we make
Maybe inspiration is universal
As in though the whole universe, ya know?
Who knows? Definitely not me
I’m just trying to play it cool thoughtfully
Considering everything
We should be very proud to be barely sane
The brook streams like the break swings
Back and forth to bring life from A to B
And beyond, I break free creatively
And take my dreams from make believe to things achieved
I want to make beats for a ton of great emcees
And I want to be one of them eventually
If I live to be seventy
I’ll probably still be using the SP
Relentlessly, ridiculously
Religiously, religulously
Sometimes I do believe
It was meant to be but never indubitably
It almost amuses me how some act so certain
About what happens beyond that closed curtain
And it confuses me how some say praise Jesus
When they live opposite the way he did

Lucky Me

I spark a loop like talking to a cockatoo
And make songs De La Soul like Posdnus
Hopping over obstacles like Super Mario
To drop the ill audio for all of you
Jolly folks feeling the funky Chopper flow
Abstract like Pablo Picasso
Please stop and scope this audible art show
Open up the part of your soul that’s optical
It’s possible, I promise you
If you’re not focused music is your monocle
I rock a dope instrumental with a raw poem
Whether it’s off the phone or the top of the dome
Melodic notes or monotone
Rapping rapido or talking slow
About nothing or topical
Not a joke or comical
Pockets broke or got some dough
Hip hop or no genre known
Optional or methodical
In the cosmos or on the globe
On top of the world or rock bottom low
Stark sober or Rasta stoned
Costs zero or bought and sold
Warm and chilled or hot or cold
The jawbones connected to the heart and soul
The trombones connected to the bongos
The violins connected to the vibraphone
The silence is connected to the sonic boom
The classical connected to the rock and roll
The north poles connected to the South Pole
The intro’s connected to the outro

In the Light of Now

My past is in a cave, my futures in outer space
In the light of now my fears disappear without a trace

It’s not wordplay if you’re not havin’ fun
Get caught in a whirlwind when my wax is spun
I wear a pair of shades and stare at the sun
And say a prayer to give praise for the air in my lungs
Paradise comes to those who can’t spare the time
To run off and search for it, no map shows where it lies
But there’s a guide, it’s up there inside your skull
Use your mind to follow your heart to free your soul
We grew from tadpoles to people
And hopefully we’ll eventually grow peaceful
Be cool and you’ll be a hero
Nobly chill, prevent bullshit, speak no, hear no
The deep C flow undertow may pull inflatable
Egos below that shallow level where they’re able
To stay afloat, I’m payin’ dues until I’m paid in full
My life wouldn’t be if I didn’t take control

So I decide to keep writing keen rhymes
Each night to reach heights deep in the sky
Beats provide the wind beneath my wings that I
Need to fly, me and my beat machine are like beans and rice
Denying me a mic would be like
Keeping mice from seeking a slice of cheese to bite
I’ll freak this rhyme scheme for 3 shy
Of 19 lines stinging like I reside in a beehive
It seems like a green light when the beat shines
I recline, cheef my peace pipe
Bein’ like, “Jesus Christ! He’s nice!”
These rhymes are replies to the beats vibe
The result might freeze time and revive
Weak minds, speaking of minds, I speak mine
I declare this rhyme scheme defeated by a pizza guy

Ode to L Town

Only death can stop me now
I’m focused like Pok Chi Lau
Check his photography out
Some of the great art of Larry Town
The greatest part of Kansas
Even if the Jayhawks aren’t hitting baskets
Downtown it’s year-round madness
Mass Street is like a crackpot magnet
One man walks around with a manikin
One waves peace signs to cars passin’ by him
One walks around with a briefcase
Insanely in love with the beat machine it carries
That’s me at the public library
Using audacity there until my laptop’s ready
For some quality audio recording
I might need a pro geek to inform me
Or maybe the fam at the SP-forums
Or maybe the homie Ryan Forest
I reside in Lawrence with much respect
For Johnny Quest, Adru, I.D., Nez,
Approach, Sounds Good, Dropjaw,
Dutch Newman, Mac Lethal, Jabberjosh
Rob Riggle, Paul Rudd, Jason Sudaikis,
John Brown, James Naismith

Clinton Lake is my favorite body of water
I like to think its namesake is the godfather
Of funk, the cosmic slop doctor
Pot sharing tots and atomic dog author
But enough about George this one’s about Lawrence
An ode to where I’ve lived since ‘02
Maybe it’s not as pretty as Florence, Italy
But for me any other city won’t do
The best time of day is dusk, I would say
I love the twilight between night and day
During winter I can’t wait
Until spring time when I can play
Disc golf at dusk almost every day
Centennial Park may be my favorite place
If it gets dark before hole eighteen
It’s okay, thanks to L.E.D. technology
If you want to grab a drink or a bite to eat
Look no further than across the street
It’s heaven on Earth until the freezin’ season
If I live as a geezer I’ll be there geezin’
I live in Lawrence, I’m never leavin’
I love my city like Anthony Kiedis
And I love it most just before
The sun goes down at the disc golf course