Wha Happened?

From the endless abyss enters this
Invention extending into the mist
From the microphone through the interface
A telescope to scope out inner space
2 rhymes in, and I'm already in
Over my head, alrighty then
Like Fred Willard in A Mighty Wind
My catch phrase is just asking -wha' happened?-
I like that broad Parker Posey
I think she's a super lady -I'm so lonely-
It's movie night at the Chopper Chamber
This plot of mine has only gotten stranger
What's next is anyone's guess
I'll do my best to have a blast regardless
Harness the breeze like hornets and bees
Or those crazy birds that build homes in the trees
All kinds of creatures all over this
Special space ball that's got that good solar
That light that gives a cat life
As it melts the ice caps, I guess it's all bipolar
Can't have the good without the bad, soldier

Fired Again

Got fired this morning
And rehired tonight
Apparently the person that fired me
Didn't quite have the right
Because her superior called
And offered me a better job
Like a scene off of Office Space
I swear to God
The chick that fired me wasn't wrong
I was sick of my position and the attitude was strong
She said they're coming down on me, so I'm coming down on you
I told her I couldn't care less, and it was true
It's the beauty of being paid a dogshit wage
I could replace it within a week if I quit today
It's what happens when you deny a man a raise
A rational mind'll ask, why stick around this place?
So I'm an occupational nomad
I'd go mad if a J-O-B had me by the gonads
Won't even let my own art own part of me
I do this because I want to and when I don't, then I'll leave

Paper Route

Paper route number 152
North Larry Town suburbs from Elm Street to the turnpike
If you wanted the news
Delivered to your drive, then I was your dude
365 days a year
I was near day 1000 when I wrote this here
It was wrote on the road like so many poems
In my phone to make the most of my time alone
Most of my customers, I hardly ever saw them
But one night when I didn't have one dollar to spend
An old man met me outside to tip me ten
Dude had a cat named Ted
I'd give Ted a few treats and pat him on the head
Ted's a fat cat, you wouldn't think he was fast
But when he saw the treat wagon pull up he would prance
Just like Ruben, his friend from down the street
Too sweet, he'd almost walk right under your feet
Then there was this blind feline on Ohio
I'd call him O so I could go oh hi O
Each one had their own style
Without them I'd throw the route with no smile
Not really since I'd play a lot of silly
Podcasts, Harland Williams, JRE, and old Billy
Redface, YMH and DTFH
Favorite guests on which were Alex and Allyson Grey
They taught me some incredible things
Like why April 19th is called Bicycle Day
Speaking of which, I could fill a backpack and bike basket
With enough papers to cover a nice fraction
On my Rat Rod, though one night I was chased
By a pitbull, but he had a playful look on his face
Still, the next day I picked up some mace just in case
Strangers can be dangerous and same with the strays
But nothing made me feel less safe or more afraid
Than the storms, the papers don't stop for snow and rain
I've been within 20 yards of lightning twice
For a split second it makes the block brighter than daylight
Kind of like the spotlight on the crime scene
When someone got stabbed over on Maine Street
The trailer park was full of police officers
And I still got a complaint from the subscriber that resided there
Saw an owl eat a squirrel once
Saw a family with a bunch of baby skunks
Saw a young groundhog learning how to dig
As I was digging some tunes as I so often did
For a music freak, it's not a bad gig
I'd play it mad loud and I wouldn't hear shit
And it's easy to dance like nobody's watching
When porching a copy at 4 o'clock in the morning
Though I did see a few college kids wandering
Piss-drunk, ditched at the strip club on the east side
Unfamiliar with North Lawrence
So I'd direct them home and they'd praise the lord for it
Sometimes I'd have to stop at the train crossing
But it wouldn't bother me because I appreciate graffiti
Spotted lots of foxes too
They sprint so swift I wasn't sure I even saw them
A lot of good times but it's time to move on
Paper route 152, so long

Peace Brittany


Out on my paper route one night
I was stopped by a sight that was quite a fright
It was a tiny black cat, blind as a bat
Its eyes so infected they were white from the bacteria
He sat in the middle of Elm Street
I went to move him, but the moment I held him he
Whimpered, and I had to help the poor thing
Mother nature can be so mean
So I put his boney body in an empty box
Interfolded the top flaps and we were off
Until I noticed him trying to climb out
So I put the box on the roadside and finished my route
Then picked him back up and drove to the store
Bought some milk and a baby bottle hoping to restore
His health, you should've heard him purr
It could melt the heart of a Spartan warrior
I called the veterinarian at 8 AM
Sadly they said they didn't take strays in
They guided me to the Humane Society
But I knew then his chances would remain unlikely
So I tried another vet, this time in person
They said they could help if I could find a person
To care for him, and at the time I couldn't
Because no pets were allowed in my apartment
Then the assistant, a woman named Karen
Picked up the kitten and again it started purring
And I think she fell in love right then
And just like that it was decided
She took him in and named him Tarkan
After a Turkish singer of whom she's a fan
And Tarkan now lives in an awesome house
Where he amazes the guests when they find out
He's blind because of how well he gets around
And it's an amazing thing to think about
How in a way his life was also saved by sound
If he didn't whimper, he might have died beside my route
And if he didn't purr when Karen picked him up
She might have put him down back into that box
He went from starving and stranded on the dark street granite
To a lovely haven through vocal expression

Rhymes Universal

Forget waiting for inspiration
Create in the name of its persuasion
It might be right around the bend
It might bleed right out of the pen
I might concoct optical drops for the common eye
Not sure its possible but damn it, I gotta try
There's some cures that hospitals just cannot apply
Only art of the heart can pull the stomach knot untied
In this symphony of existence in which
Intentions are like different instruments
For instance, if the composition calls for rhythm
And you're on the winds then you went with the wrong decision
When we're out of tune with our lives
Countless conundrums are soon to arise
So when out of sync, its time to think
How can I harmonize
I want to be like wind turbines
So from the breeze I energize
I'm not a saint just a dude trying to do right
So my conscience is clear as a raccoon's sight in the moonlight
To think straight for a smooth slice through plights
Cutting clean as Ginsu knives
Finding ways to rhyme the days lessons
Trying to make the time in vain lessen
Trying to catch a vibe of great essence
Like that of summer night skate sessions
Save your suggestions, there's no plan B
Same as you're distinctive, there's no twin C
Found my voice for verse and my sound in beats
My style to draw with, my foundation's complete
When you reach your niche there's no one to greet
Except your reflection in the pond at your feet
I'm still standing, heels planted
Head planning how to help heal this planet
Trying to exercise self control
Like a mega size delt muscle
That can lift the stress inside overhead
And throw it down to the ocean bed
Won't fall in the traps the ego sets
To keep itself alive it beats us to death
With false hopes and worthless worries
Rushing us through life in a pointless hurry
Surely, slow and steady wins
Storms of hastiness blow deadly winds
I'm feeling like the captain of my own ship
Floating in an ocean of no ownership
Going with the flow because when I become one with it
The pain doesn't feel like its a punishment
Anymore, it feels more like a reward
As it brings more strength than money can afford
Can't buy experience, it takes time and consciousness
Truth won't arrive through the grapevine, I promise this
Tomorrow might be the apocalypse
Death is also like a box of chocolates
Lightning bug here, lightning bolt there
I'd be a fool to say life is unfair
Gaining hairs there and losing them here
Growing old is better than daisies, my dear
Flying through space so fast
Trying to comprehend a place so vast
And it makes the planet seem so small
I almost vanish to nothing at all
I've avoided my demise
Into the void a thousand times
For that I thank a ton of rhymes
For that I craft a ton of mine
Some rhyme schemes provide a swell guide
Some rhymes seem to write themselves, right?
I concentrate on the verse
And escape anxiety's awful curse
Convincing us contentment is too far to reach
When all you need is a minute to stop and breathe
Pull oxygen deep and with exhalation
Also release all expectations
As long as solid logic is in tact
I'm lobbing slovenly thoughts into syntax
The multisyllabic rhymes represent that
Hard to believe harmony thats right and its exact
Like the distance between us and the sun
And how the ecliptic moon lines up with it flush
I think that to think too much
Is almost as bad as not thinking enough
Maybe I'm overthinking this thinking stuff
Thinking about thinking about thinking is tough
Art's defective when its not directed
By the heart connected to the hand
Raw expression unlocks the heaven
Of the god thats within the man
To not respect it is not accepted
Its not something I can stand
I gotta defend it with all I can give it
Drawing a line in the sand
I don't need to be the best
But that doesn't mean I won't reach for the crest
Up the mountain, to the summit
For the challenge and the view of it
There's no such thing as stale delight
No one can contain the rays of light
They come and go, night to day, day to night
Some of them glowing dim, some blazing bright
Every night is finite, so I try
Living in the moment so it doesn't fly by
Facing time right takes some spine might
Spacious foresight and gracious hindsight
Fear and hate turn life into a torture chamber
Its more like a free range for the forward thinker
My inklings guide my ink pens
I might seem pretentious or like I pretend
I don't mean to preach or condescend
I'm only trying to uplift and ascend
I might look dumb but I'm doing my dance
I'm the only one who can ruin my chance
I see it all the time, how the ego quantifies
Comparing itself to everything in sight
Since as long as its lesser or greater in size
It knows it exists so its staying alive
Hold tight the focus, let loose the fear
Minimalize moroseness, multiply the cheer
My little psychosis is pulled apart and cleared
When its diagnosed by molding art sincere
The pen and microphone record the souvenirs
To remind the soul lessons from yesteryear
Minds get old but expressions pure
Are like immortal refresheners
Primordial beats let it burst
Before it eats its exit first
Worried we will neglect it worse

The Calm

Partly cloudy, temperature 70
Hardly windy, the weather was heavenly
Cruising around my beautiful town
Music turned up, windows rolled down
Blowing out smoke clouds slow
To spread them out so it's on the down low
That I was getting lifted up high
As I delivered a pie
That's right, I was a pizza guy
I wrote that line on Wakarusa Drive
Stoned just like I saw Medusa's eyes
Open wide on some Buddha vibes
Feeling so divine, it's not a huge surprise
Even the coldest nights brought a new sunrise
I talk myself into circles sometimes
Because life's full of cycles combined
You get tied up if you forget to unwind
Can't find contentment in a mind confined
If you can't swim with the rising tide
You get swallowed up by the ride
I don't express just to impress
This is my attempt to exit this mess
If I said this head isn't stressed
You can bet I said it in jest
Still I feel blessed just to get a little rest
I love to fret as I build this little nest
For myself as well as my empress
Everything I do's in her interest
I know exactly where my center is
I brought you here for the geyser mist
My dude's an alchemist
Thank him for the gold I'm brandishing
I can't relate to a mannequin
I'm so alive I'm panicking
Not really since I'm on my medicine
Instrumental, it's better than the rest of them
Musicians are quasi-physicians
Slicing incisions with precise precision
I rise in accordance with the laws of funk
Chopped the tree and I sparked it up
And carved my name on the trunk
Y'all can say what you want
That's what I'm doing
Go ahead and call me stupid
I really couldn't care less
I feel so good and careless
I could've died but I didn't
I almost died but I didn't
I thought I'd die but no
I'm right here, alive with gusto
I'm right here, because I followed
The light here, I almost got swallowed
By the darkness, but I didn't
I almost perished, but I didn't
Nope, not at all
I'm standing tall even after falls
One hand on the mic, one on my balls
Found this truth to pass along
What else would I do with it
It's like the essence of my existence
It, like, has to pass through
From me to you to me to you

Cyclone Style

Here he comes, anti-hero from
Larry Town, Chopperman tearing down
Everything around, cyclone style
Not to kill, but to rebuild from the ground
The common tone's sounding too out of tune
I gotta go, I'm about to zoom out the room

Alongside Chief Bob, I must be
On the right track regardless how dusty
Style’s grungy as Al Bundy
So funky dung beetles bum rush the drum beat
So rowdy a donkey would bow humbly
Even owls shudder from the sound of thunder rumbling
The gutters are flooding from a hurricane
Set in motion by the fluttering of a humming bird wing
The whirlwind circling has me hurling
Like a heavy serving of White Russians in my gut curdling
But I quit the baby bottle and sippy cup guzzling
Sucked up the pain and jumped from the rut triumphantly
Try trumping me, my rhyme flows the royal flush
Washing egos away in a single rush
Bars galore but 16s enough
To leave 100 emcees dumbstruck

Word Is

What's the human race without the boomin’ bass
The funk fumigates out the mental waste
I groove at pace with the tempo
Of the instrumental from abysmal realms to blissful
Raw funk, skip the bells and whistles
On the one like the P tripping at the disco
Slicker than some Crisco be cool or get froze
When the winter wind blows frigid as the fridge goes
Thirty deep breaths and ten squats
Cheats death at 20 below like Wim Hof
Respect the method, breathing connected
Me with the sacred peace of the present
Please excuse the obsession
With second to second complete acceptance
Easier said than done but that’s everything
Except expressing love, for this head case
Eyes red and glazed match my sweaty face
It’s the heavyweight champion of last place
A master of failure, I'm proud of the shame
Because losing balance is also how it is gained
The wins and the losses are one and the same
When you see that all is one in this game
Shutting the brain up is the aim when
When it wants us to think that nothing can tame it
Hold tight the focus, let loose the fear
Minimalize moroseness, multiply the cheer
My little psychosis is pulled apart and cleared
When it’s diagnosed by molding art sincere
The pen and microphone record the souvenirs
To remind the soul lessons from yesteryear
Minds get old but expressions pure
Are like immortal refreshers
Primordial beats let it burst
Before it eats its exit first
Worried we will neglect it worse
Trying to exercise self control
Like a mega size delt muscle
That can lift the stress inside over head
And throw it down to the ocean bed
Won't fall in the traps the ego sets
It keeps itself alive by beating us to death
With false hopes and worthless worries
Rushing us through life in a pointless hurry
There's the rhymes I was looking for
But that won't stop me from looking more
It's still how I zone out at work
it no longer hurts to throw out a verse
I'm no Howard Stern but I know I was heard
and came a long way to find my way with words
I won't throw it away or force it along
Or torture myself trying for a perfect song
That’s for the birds chirping at dawn
Word is bond
Found my voice for verse and my sound in beats
My style to draw with, my foundation's complete
When you reach your niche there's no one to greet
Except your reflection in the pond at your feet
Mind blown

Hell Yeah

Brutal and cold but it's a beautiful world
At least for now thanks to Jupiter's pull
The struggle with nature is universal
And consumes us all whether fast chewing or slow
In our youth or when old, time fleets like pee
Into a urinal but a true form of gold
It’s truly absurd how we get paid
Many make a measly 8 dollar hourly wage
For their precious time in this place
I know I'm insane by the way I let mine go to waste
So I'm trying to save up for an escape
Maybe buy a trailer and park it by the lake
My apartment's like a cage in an inhumane
Society where insane demons reign
Horribly because those this seek power
Over others are hopelessly sour
Anyone cool doesn't really want to rule
It’s a principle that most principles are tools
CEOs and presidents too
Obama's okay but he never did do
The things he said he would to get voted through
It's a puppet show that insults all of those that view
Just choosing the lesser of two evil subhumans
It'll be a scene from Mr. Show when they blow up in the moon
Just to do it, they diss the constitution
Piss on the poor and ignore all the pollution
The system grows more and more convoluted
Technology flies as psychology is hardly moving
Pharmaceutical companies are using
Customers as guinea pigs like screw 'em
America should change the
National motto to fuck you pay me
Capitalism seems alright
Until corporation's have people’s rights
When they're lethal money machines that'll eat you
But only if you let them defeat you
I grew from fetal to this position
On my two feet, bipedal with a fist I'm clenching


Got a job with lots of down time
Time to jot down like a thousand rhymes
Rhymes to rock loose and unwind
Boundless like a mongoose mountain bike
Found some nice new ground to slice through
Until I catch flight like how the kites do
By design based on wind that's natural
And a craft that's catchable
So it won't have to crash and roll
I create a slap to wake the lackadaisical
Take it back to the days when rap was brazen soul music
Before it became polluted
And convoluted when the politics got into it
To criticize and analyze, monetize and sanitize
Scrutinize and brutalize
But their attempts to euthanize makes us what
We are like Christ when he was crucified
The frigid fight thickens up the skin just like a moose's hide
Eskimos can weather cold several degrees below
We're an extremely adaptable species of animal
When we see our pain not as a foe
But a friend that'll show which part needs an antidote
I don't know, I'm spit-balling
I won't go all in on an installment
If I made sure that each statement is certain
It'd take an eternity to create one sermon
As long as solid logic is in tact
I'm lobbing slovenly thoughts into syntax
The multisyllabic rhymes represent that
Hard to believe harmony that's right an it’s exact
Like the distance between us and the sun
And how the ecliptic moon lines up with it flush

The Fonky Dutchman

Alright, I'll give it a try, spitting a rhyme
For a minute with one breath
From these weed head lungs of mine
Using the Wim Hof method to climb
This massive metaphorical mountain in my mind
The challenge is a delight, if I fail it will be fine
If I succeed then I'll be the new king of Kansas City
Man I’m kidding obviously, am I getting sloppy on this beat?
Probably but I gotta keep hobbling so I don't freeze
I doubt that a white owl can fly without the arctic breeze
Nature's knowledge is deep like the South China Sea
South CHINA Trump would say
That giant dunce should take his
Bloody paws off the public parks and all the other things that
Make this country great, Joe Rogan summed it up great
When he called America a bipolar nation
United States must be the most ironic name since
Greenland, we can make our enemies friends
With healthy competition everybody wins
Be like the homie Wim, breathin’ and believin’
Anything's possible, just take it from me when
I complete this seemingly bleak mission and achieve bliss
Without a sip of alcohol or a weed hit
Just a deep breath of oxygen and a sweet flip
The beats hit nowhere near hard as life
But to spar with it whittles the wit sharp as a knife
Take it from Mac, the fonk is fact, to fake it is wack
Enough to justify a platinum stake in the back
I took it too far, let me calm down and relax
Only a few bars to go, come on, let’s go champ
Let the cannon go like Shannon do, man I'm a cold animal
Mandible shatterproof as I'm blasting through this glass roof
Can't contain this spirit thing from doing what it’s gotta do
To remain free to sing a tune to wake up the God in you

Just Glassin'

My breath's phonky when it’s quite fresh
I guess I'm destined to ignite this
Vibe, flipped straight from the heart inside
If it’s contained then I'll just die
So I let it go like a sling shot
Catapult from the dome top
I wrote this yet quick, so what
It’s beyond perception when I blow up
De la mind state wont go pop
Rather climb up to the hill top
Stars aligned so stop I will not
I'm staying up until I solve this little problem
This puzzle made from pieces of my psyche
Likely frightening, considering my nightmares
But my dreams bright as lightening when it strikes there
Right front of you, and the flight is instant
Except in this case the flight is into it
Intuition stays the word of the day
No tuition to this universal tutelage
In a world growing old and grey
Youthful expression is where the revolution is
So have fun like you did as a kid
Now is won by resisting the system
Or at least the impulse to obsess over it
This instance of existence isn’t extensive
Or is it? I kinda don't know shit
I just push it along like some rowboat shit
Hoping that I don’t go bat-shit
Because I’m crazy enough as is
Or am I? Man I'm just glassin'

Farfegnugen 2

I'm far from finished trashing these corporate operations
For forcing this torturous stream of obligations
I understand that we have it better than many on this planet
But what kind of chef compares their dish to a shit sandwich

We prepare, cook, and serve the food
We climb the walls and build the roof
Drive the stock and sew the clothes
And never see a paycheck with 3 zeros
Because the shitheads at the top need a second yacht
And a vacation home that’s more often than not
Forgotten it sits as empty as their hearts are
While the homeless eat garbage to keep from starving
And we're the wrong ones, we don't work hard enough
That was sarcastic but not enough
Because we don't work enough to rise up
But I should speak for myself or shut up
Pompousness remains a trait ominous
I'm not a friend of those who often condescend
The tone alone makes me nauseous
Knowledge is not shit without the good sense
To put it to good use, broaden your point of view
And improve your surroundings through your attitude
The vibe you put out is powerful
Scowl at the universe and it’ll scowl back at you
Show it love unconditional
And it'll show some reciprocal
Show acceptance with no exceptions
To open heavens, no question

Every hawk needs talons
Every artist needs talents
Every ounce needs a gallon
Every aspect needs balance
Every rapper needs a rhyme
Every actor needs a dream
Every writer needs a pen
Every dancer needs a beat
Every sculptor kneads

Makeshift Hero

Give me a few bars and this beat's fubar
Rhythm giving superpowers isn't seeming too far
Fetched when I catch this vibe and stretch
Dialect right around it so the light reflects
Politics polarize the multi-sided mess
I'm on a quest to manifest the opposite effect
So obsessed they say musta hit my head
Would've been a nut but I busted it instead
Let down my guard and used it as a sled
Tamed my ego like a doggo and kept it as a pet
Even though it can be as cold as a cat
When it scratches, I scold that asshole with the rap
That bashes the bullshit to smithereens
Refreshes the essence clean as an evergreens
Whatever this means is a variant thing
It depends on how it's seen by the various brains
Some think it's amazing when I'm worried it's lame
Some think it's embarrassing when I'm barely ashamed
One things for certain, everythings gonna change
Change is the only thing that remains
Life fleets in an eyes blink if you let it
So I sink into the present, tightly connected
Anxiety's like a disease, quite infectious
But doesn't stand a chance against these spine injections
Loosen so the juices flow it's crucial
Nature rules, resistance is futile
Easy living is an oxymoron
Cause your not really alive unless your strong
And strength comes with struggle, unharmed muscles
Atrophy so find a torture that's comfortable
Or die slow, then again, what do I know?
So obsessive I'm a fucking psycho
Hardly fun for anyone anymore
Hard for me to give just one from
Hours to hang with my fellow howlers
One day I'll rejoin the night prowlers
Right now I'm finding how to climb towers
Designed to calibrate this mind power
Estimate potential, based on exponential
Growth so I know just where to aim this arrow
On my way from zero to makeshift hero
Can't save the world but I can save the weirdo
That's down to be unique not because it's cool
But because it's true down to the bone marrow
So shake snowflake
Dive into the lake before you blow away
Now for the final bar forced for a while
A climber at the mountain top never forced a smile

Saturday Night LoFi

Epic as fuck
Chopperman Green Dutch tape
Over the top
Like Opera Man on weekend update
Saturday night lofi
No kind of concern for a Monday
Smack dab in the moment like
Won't let another worry be in vain
What worry is worthy
I guess one regarding time waste
Time wasted on misery
By letting yourself stay in the wrong place
The key to finding joy
As far as I know
Is leaving what you hate
As far as can go
And keep the stuff you love
Guard it, let it grow
I love the gritty beats
I love to kick a flow
So thats what I'ma do
Until the cows come home
On these kind of loops
I kill it cold as Al Capone
Murder for a jar of red rum
Is a palindrome
I merk it just for fun
Like a pack of wolves
Savage as hell
Like Z Savickas with a sasquatch kettlebell
Can't help but rebel
I feel tough as nails beneath this brittle shell
When I feel captive my brain jolts
When I feel confined my blood boils
Finger tips shoot lightening bolts
When I'm wound up like Tesla coils
The key to finding joy
As far as I know
Is leaving what you hate
As far as you can go
And keep the stuff you love
Guard it, let it grow
I love the gritty beats
I love the izm smoke

Say Yes to What Is

Keepin' it movin' now
Stay still in the sea and you're sinking down
The galaxy embraces us as a whole
But never gave a fuck about the individual
Not one of us just us as one
The one species that can discuss the Sun
That illuminates our puny place in the Milky Way
The killers slay right next to where the lilies sway
Nothing really makes much sense
Until we say yes to what is
Facing the truth can be some rough but with
Enough time it can make you tough as it
Try to deny and it does the opposite
Fragile is the facade of the fraudulent
Acting off screen is mad exhausting
For everyone involved, save the drama please
Reality is dramatic enough
When making ends meet takes a magical touch
Like slaps from the Dutch
The beast had me in a stranglehold but
I broke free and now I'm coming back for it's blood
With razor sharp raps that'll cut
Inflated guts before the gas'll combust
The hot air I put out there's enough
Good thing it's balanced by this mountainous gust
Up and then down, down and then up
Volcanic analysis bound to erupt
The solitude tries to solidify
Like when lava cools it's hard to move when it's dry
I might concoct optical drops for the common eye
Not sure it's possible but damnit I gotta try
There's some cures that hospitals just cannot apply
Only art of the heart can pull the stomach knot untied
Can't implant soul it has to grow gradual
Like plants in the soil nourished by withstanding cold
Let's go champ

Hospitalize a Brick

Stepping into the square circle
Prepared to turn a rival's head purple
For the title, best not bet on their survival
They were already dead on their arrival
They brought knives to a fight full of rifles
Even the ref is frightful, I go psycho
Like old Mike Tyson wrestling a lion
I don't defy death, it's death thats in defiance
When I clinch my fist around the mic and strike
Quick like a viper with timing tight
Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee
Nobody busted rhymes like Ali
Hospitalize a brick
I'm so mean I make medicine sick
Traumatize a stone
I'm so cold I froze the microphone
Frostbite a boulder
A giant block of ice is not colder
Paralyze a megalith
I'm so scary I could terrify an exorcist
Terrorize a Pterodactyl
When I fly my Pegasus into battle
Euthanize an instrumental
When I inject ruthless rhymes in the middle
Vaporizing the indo
I've been blowin' since, oh, I forget yo
I can get high, I can get low
A bit bipolar and slightly schizo
But it's alright, I need both sides
Even though they might lead to ego rides
It's no small task to swallow pride
If you can't it might swallow you live
And you'll be stuck in the stomach of a puppet
Playing yourself like some sick ventriloquist
I skipped acting class and ripped the syllabus
If I play a role its an individualist
When I take hold of the pen and scribble its
Fatal to more than the instrumental its
Able to kill mental jibberish
Listen to yourself like you listen to this
Are you in control or living a script
Written ficticious with restrictive intent
Because the author of it does not give a shit
About anything other than the dividends
In this grid fitting in is expensive
We're conditioned to spend it the minute we get it
But materialism isn't the enemy
When reasonable it advances humanity
The enemy is imperialist greed
And it seems to be too powerful to beat
But I believe if enough of us defeat
Our demons we can gut the mother beast
No justice, no motherfucking peace
So motherfuck those corrupt police
Cowards with power get power trips
You can't protect and serve without courage
Those who truly do get much respect
But the rest can get a sucker punch instead
Like a boxer holds fists up to deflect
Try not let them fuck with your head
When septic vibes get sent in your direction
Trust your reflexes and duck the connection
There's nothing wrong with being defensive
It comes along with independence
I'm standing tall and intending
To fend For myself until the ending
Life brings everyone to their knees
Only the strong get back on their feet

Get up!

Grizzly Bear Stew

On the shoulders of giants
Dropping boulders on tyrants
Obelisks pulverise them
With a piece of the Earth they were trying
To claim they own when they stole it from lions
These wannabe dragons can't stump the sweet science
I'm slipping these jabs, ducking these crosses
Jumping these obstacles, I got this
Spitting raps is like skipping rope, just hopping
Kick to snare, on the ground and off it
Up and down, pumping muscles til exhaustion
Guzzling water and huffing in oxygen
On a binge opposite of what it's always been
Clinching my fist to pull up my chin
Over the bar and over again
Going as hard as I ever have been
So inspired I'll never give in
So when I'm tired I'll catch that second wind
Holding my cards with a develish grin
Even though I'm givin it away if I win
After I buy a few things with it
Like a new SP and name it Adrian
I'd use it for the hazy flips
And have another called Clubber for the craziness
Also known as SP Baracus
With a black stripe and gold accents
Perhaps even add some feather attachment
The stress doesn't stand a chance when
I connect the machine and commence the sampling
With the right attitude and the right amplitude
I travel to a high altitude
Fly out the roost and find some power food
And bring some back so you guys can devour too
But don't expect it to be pre-chewed
It's not a dish you can eat with a spoon
You need a fork, knife and teeth to tear through
The meat this stupendous beat just slow-brewed
For the troops from a true chief, respect due
If the loop was a soup it'd be grizzly bear stew
Quite delectable and digestable
That's right, the instrumental's now intestinal
Giving me energy indispensable
A minute previously it was infinitesimal
Some things increase exponential
Such is me and Dutch's best potential
Futuristicly presidential
My credit's a mess but check my credentials
you just might bet your whole check that I won't lose
Even if the rival is the referee's nephew
I'll never retreat so I'll never need an excuse
I'm not ready for peace so I refuse a refuge
I'll rest soon as my foes are in tombs
And I piss on the stones of them too
Those with standards low get subdued
So the status quo can improve
The slow and stagnant get moving or get moved
I know it's sad but it's still the truth
But telling them that is like pulling a tooth
That's why so many rappers spit bull in the booth
Following orders from a wolf in a suit
They sell their soul then fill the hole with the loot
Then act bulletproof at the photo shoot
See them at the store and it's a different story
Nothing is corny as fraudulent glory
Any home that's planned and built poorly
Is prone to get blown down when it's stormy
Good morning

Do the Best You Can

The darkest soil grows the most fruitful
Harvest, toiling those shows true soul
Can't fake teaching these pupils
About things you haven't seen with those pupils
If you go to a shrink with no wounds they'll
Learn more from each episode than you will
I feel justified when I'm preachy
Because I know what it's like to be deep
In a rut, I can help you up out of the muck
Because I was once stuck down in the stuff
Bills piling up, feeling down on my luck
Falling down and thinking bout not getting up
Fuck that, we're not giving up
We're giving it all we've got and then some
At the bag hitting hard as the kick drum
And I'm not letting off til my fists numb
And drips blood, flipping it from
Blue to crimson, I'm spitting redrum
Still on a mission to win consistent
Til competition is nonexistent
Knocking them out quick as Sonny Liston
Lickety split, no split decision
I'm back and attacking foes with a vengeance
Throwing viscious blows with no repentance
I don't hold grudges but won't forget shit
And won't pull punches for those on my shit list
My shit list reads something like this
Ignorance, jealousy, self-righteousness
Racism, apathy, senseless violence
Anything that breeds hostile environments
Even though hostile environments
Breed the growth chock-full of vitamins
I think the globe has enough incredible art
I wouldn't want to be the next Mozart
I want to have some fun before I depart
And spread love before this heart gets torn apart
You don't have to go way hard to take part
And there's no such thing as a late start
Every beginning is right on time
Unless you hit the gas at a red stoplight

Let's Go Champ

Riding my bike at dawn
On a rural trail
Writing my rhymes as calm
As a rural snail
Don't mind if that one's dumb
I was born to fail
That's the way to learn to win
One day I will prevail
Overcome this worrysomeness
And reclaim my joy
I trained my brain and the strength I gained
It's time to employ
Pushing forth in second gear
Because first is too slow
And third's too fast on this gravel path
To the great unknown
I escaped the misery
That expectations bring
When I embraced the mystery
That let's us think and dream
For ourselves with free will
Without chains or strings
Innately licensed to ill
MCA rest in peace