Like That

Brace your brain's, its time for rhymes
To break the chains, bars slicing like some
Sci-fi laser rays shining like some
Lightning striking, I blaze and blaze
In ways that awaken, not blinding with
The brightness, more like providing
Micro sight to scope inside your own iris
At clouds of Orion, my oh my
No denying those lines so I hope you don't try it
I'm a phantom when quiet but when sampling, a riot
When writin', a titan, I'm bragging and you like it
It's Chopperman, no butler no sidekick
No superpowers but the butter flow I spit
Surface calm but the undertow's hectic
And wrecks quick as a Holly Holm head kick
But I pick myself up, dust myself off
And get ready to jump the next writer's block
My ink pen emancipates my mental state
Opposite the way the state pen does the inmates
I concentrate on the verse
And escape anxiety's awful curse
Convincing us contentment is too far to reach
When all you needs a minute to stop and breathe
Pull oxygen deep and with exhalation
Also release all expectations
The present moment is perfection frozen
Unless you go against the motion
Intuition in its wisdom
Sent a memo to end this poem
Like that

Never Same As Yesterday

My pen grew wings, it's flying through beats
The bird's eye view makes finding jewels a breeze
Truth gems, the kind of tools I need
To remind the fool in me the smarter dude's the chief
I have a side that's stupid and weak
I try and I try not to let him speak
Or decide what kind of food that I eat
How much to drink or when to go to sleep
When the fool makes the calls the crew takes the falls
And the older we are, the harder to shake it off
That's why old folks drive all slow
Decades of potholes take a large toll
The rain is no joke, you may get so soaked
You catch pneumonia but it makes the soul grow
Same as the petunias and the produce
No rainstorms means no fruits
So when it pours I say thanks for the oranges
Thanks for the golden grains, they're gorgeous
Thanks for teaching us how to sing from the core with
And understanding of the change in our voices
In this constant state of metamorphosis
It's important expectations are.. thesaurus?
Magnanimous, I can't stand it when
A past accident's brought up like it just happened
I'm never same as yesterday
Nor defined by past mistakes
Try to put me in a frame
That's a frame that I'm about to break
I'm never same as yesterday
nor defined by past mistakes
Try to put me in a frame
Best believe I'll break out that thing

My inner demons don't stand a chance
They're underneath a snow avalanche
Buried deep by these cold ass jams
That remind me of ideas to hold as rams
To break down walls that ban soul from man
Codependent as soil and plant
So water those seeds and toil that land
Artwork can seize the turmoil at hand
In this savage world there's much we can't control
But that's what steadies my hand to draw
Greedy fucks can take these bucks of mine
But they can't make me mess up this line
The drought can dry up the crops
But I doubt it fries up the chops
The rain drops can flood the streets
But can't drown out the funky Beats

Start every verse with something to quote
Or don't
Start every song from the heart
Or nart
It's your art, my one suggestion
Is don't suppress it, build skills to express it
From simple as checkers to complex as chess is
Let me check which pawn next to flex with

And We're Outta Here

When the wind blows the rhymes drop like pinecones
Emily Dickenson couldnt kick a liver poem
I know the braggadocio is atrocious
As my dome grows big as Pinocchio's nose is
When hes a culprit of the bullshit
Like politicians he's obviously full of it
It's opposite when Chopper spits
Dropping facts in proper raps
Honest with the rawest scripts
On the riffs and off a spliff
From the one to the two
On to three and the four
Up and down, grooving through
Rocking beats back and forth
Funk is love through and through
West and east, south and north
All around, no need to reroute the course
From the reefs of the floor of the sea to the golden
Beach of the shore to the trees of the forest
To the peaks of the mountains to the ice of the clouds in
The sky to the gaseous orb we fly around and
Around, year after year
Until space travel's abound, then we're outta here

Lotus Lake

Hard to keep a straight face in this strange place
I'm constantly amazed by the things that take place
Our greatest thinkers pave the way
With neighbors dangerous as great apes
Hate makes man a cold animal
A wild mammal that'll crack a skull's mandible
Then smile and snarl at the same time
Sometimes the face I make when I say rhymes
Riding breaks and righteous bass lines
Making my escape from the side where snakes dine
All goals seem impossible seen from
A negative mind afraid that it might
Fail if it tries and failure is a fate worse
Than death from that delusional state turning
Around and around downward and downward
Til it splats on the ground unless you're a bouncer
I'm building trampolines at rock bottom
So the top of the pit is not as daunting
I'm not a saint just a dude trying to do right
So my conscience is clear as a raccoon's sight
In the moonlight to think straight for a smooth slice
Through plights, cutting clean as Ginsu knives
Taking spiritual flights to new heights
Up where the earth looks like a big ball of blue skies
Or the light at the end of a tunnel
It's the Golden Lotus World even when we get pummeled
The king of this jungle
Couldn't eat without the teeth to rip muscle
No rumble no pride, no hustle no feast
No struggle no prize, no tussle no peace
Hide from the dark side and it sneaks
Up from behind prowling sly as a linx
The frequent onslaught of problems will teach
You to stay on your toes until you tire your feet
Exhausting but it's the only way
To slow down time enough to seize the day
Sleep too late and stink's the way
You'll find the final easter egg
First to wake gets the freshest bait
To catch the largest fish in Lotus Lake


It's Chopperman all day like Theo
Gotta send a shout out to Crazie Locs
And everyone else doing their thing
And stuff like that, knowhatimsayin?
Bert is fat, knowhatimsayin?
It's like... knowhatimsayin?
Shout out to the Bristol stool chart
Let's take a moment for The Cincinnati Fart

It's Chopper but they call me Duct Tape
Duct Tape gon get your ass today, ha!
Sup Kane! sup Top Dog
No need to answer the knock knock
Or the blonde joke or the one about the Polack
Don't let Charo stop the brown talk
Or even cut the story short
Another moment for the Orlando airport

Dig up King Ass Ripper
Passing gas massive as the Big Dipper
Maria might say its disgusting
But like diarrhea the shit is gut busting
Like a Steven Segal action movie
Where they cut in lue of him actually moving
Shout out DJ Dad Mouth
And Christina P, holding down Your Mom's House

Hop Stoopid

Yearning to say freestyle rhymes
But still learning to tame this wild mind
From time to time it spirals down
Until I can't find a thing to smile about
Like the subconscious clouds brought around
A storm that made all the lights go out
But I don't pout, I just count my blessings
And remember how each bout brings lessons
Constant acceptance conquers regression
Chopper's suggestions are bonkers, no question
But they work, I'm sure since I test them
No guess work for the war of the mind veteran
I find negative thought patterns and
Fight restless to make them stop happening
Like a doctor trying to cure
His own virus before his time's no more
So I write and record raw rhymes galore
To build up my shield and sharpen my sword
The brain gains strength same as the frame
Breaking the thing down, facing the pain
Of heavy lifting, its the only way
To increase the weight that we can overtake
I don't know - I think, but I think well
As logic sinks in to fill my inkwell
Although not so when I drink til
I can't see straight then continue to drink still
My go-to is Lagunitas Hop Stoopid
All too frequent I drink it and chop stupid
Open up my rhyme book and write stupid
Plop down at the laptop and type stupid
Shuffle to the vocal booth and rock stupid
Stumble to the drafting table and draw stupid
And hop stoopid becomes the motto
And how foolish am I when it's right there on the bottle
My gut sends my dome such strong signals

All rational thought goes out the window
Zombified on the ride to the store
Not for brains but for grains of brew to pour
22 ouncers, 2 to 4
To the gourd hit hard as a 2 by 4
It's not just a fued, it's war
When a demon's in your stomach with a spoon and fork
There's two ways to slay it, one is impalement
The other's starvation of the assailant
Both are utterly excruciating
But only the latter can see us through to safety
will power's more precious than gold bars
with control, our soul can reflect the stars
Not the ones you see on a screen
The ones you see in the sky when you leave the city
Out where the cosmos swallow egos
Forming the compost that helps the hero seeds grow

Like This

It's so vital to know how to slow down
When spinning out of control into loco town
When all the input has me overwhelmed
It's time to go to with more natural realm
Nothing breaks me out the maze
Like riding my bike out to Clinton Lake
Exercise has to be the best kind of stress relief
Especially outside where the trees refresh the breeze
And the lungs are pleased with each breath they breathe
Relieved to be free from the city's impurities
Clean air prevents and cures disease
Better than any medicine in pharmacies
I'm no doctor obviously
I don't gotta be to hear this heart in me
Used properly the microphone's like a stethoscope
Used wrong it's more like a colorectal scope
Used right it diffuses light as dope
As a kaleidescope to provide a wider scope
A birds eye view shows the climb to have a slighter slope
The heightened sight is sweeter than an apple cider float
Or marshmallows roasted in campfire smoke
The lower view stays dark as a vampire cloak
I felt boxed in a cage until a broader range
Brought the change that showed me how to unlock the thing Like this

SP Fonk Home

SP fonk home
Index fingers glowing
Pressing the buttons, controlling
The functions of a starship that was stolen
Like the heart of gold, I rock well like Zaphod
To blast off to infinity and beyond
Planet Earth, we have a problem
Too few astronauts too many alcoholics
Having gross encounters of the blurred kind
At the liquor store counter for the third time
So concerned with trying to find that first high
That we're blind to the shining fire in the sky
Uplifting, a friendly abduction
Something like the mother ship connection
But on some other shit like Dudley and Ms. One
Some extra stuff like the Sun Ra Orchestra

I'm out there like the exosphere
But not esoteric, it's so clear
In plain English, no alien language
Just thoughts and opinions, idioms and adages
As long as it's from the heart it's adequate
Magic to strengthen the force like Anakin
Focusing foresight faster than a camera lens
Snapping pics on head trips to rap with this
Rhetoric raw like the derelicts of dialect
Word to the the third, fine wine ages like respect
Without that for self we lack that for the rest
It connects direct as head to neck
So I throw it back when I catch rec
5XVT set the dragnet
I released all the fish this beat brought as gifts
Except for one hammerhead that I kept as a pet

Keep It Movin'

Swimming in this stream, living is a dream
Just the kind of scene to make stress seem obscene
Thinking of spelling CREAM with an extra E
Because cash rules everything except for me
Thanks to these great recipes
Professed to me by Extra P, 5xvt
And the rest of the master chefs of beats
that showed the path to the rest of the refugees
And said you see this? This trail is mine
Find your own and you'll be fine
Follow me and get left behind
Fake your own track and never press rewind
Unless you lost your mind, then retrace your steps
Our treasure maps are always where we left them last
Face your quest, back your projects
Move with yourself like the Eyedea song says

Listen to the smells, feel the vibrations,
Taste the visions see the sensations
Some may think I'm going insane
But it's quite the contrary, I'm fully awakening
Or at least that's the way it seems
If I became much more aware I may just scream
Maybe I am going crazy
I've been feeling more like no one lately
I don't know if it's my ego shrinking
Or brain damage from all the beer drinking
But this seems like some clear thinking
I don't think this boat is near sinking
Still waters will slaughter, I'm saying flows
To stay afloat, when the great winds blow
The waves just grow, and the escapade is on
And it's a lot of fun when our sea legs get strong

State of Being

Back at it like a crack addict
A fiend for the rhymes since the light in the attic was lit
No amount was adequate
I pull out the pad and pen content that I can't quit
I'll write myself around and around again
Anything to beat the boredom of earning rent
In this environment of confinement
Where half our time is spent fantasizing
Until that runs dry and we have to find some
New way to not hate our shackles like rum
Or medication or meditation
Inhalation and exhalation
The present moment is much more important
Than those historic, don't ignore it
No force can slow the orbit
We're the ones who are supposed to go contorted
The war against time is the hardest fight to forfeit
So all kinds of poisons are popped smoked and snorted
And let's not forget the food and beverages
It's more dangerous the easier the pleasure is
Except for this my artistic expression is
More effective when it's sort of effortless
Try not to let your mind in the way
Of what your heart's been trying to say

Talk down to me and I'm clownin you
Hardly scholarly but I'm not a fool
And I've been through enough highs and lows
To ride the loopty loops with my eyes closed
I chose good smoke over nice clothes
Don't judge those who chose otherwise though
Some ride high some slide by low
Some fly fast some glide by slow


This brain is now a playground
That escaped the grey clouds that weighed it down
It learned how to welcome the rain shower
When we face it courageous it brings power
When we stay in afraid of it, it devours
Character, these houses breed cowards
That trade free will for a few serene hours
Siding with their monster to defeat Bowser
We fight each other through e-routers
When we should reroute towards the king's tower
The true oppressors, the real Donkey Kong
The actual villains firing missiles and dropping bombs
The rotten bosses that pocket all the profits
The politicians bullshittin' to get in office
They're not just bad people, they're demonic
And they'll lock us all up unless we keep rockin'

Yin and Yang II

This mind is a war, just like yours
Duality slices deep like a sword
The yin and the yang isn't a gag
The symbol is accurate and if it's a drag
Consider yourself lucky to be on the side
That lets us believe the thing is all light
Each victory has a downside
Each tragedy has an upside
Not everything is what it looks like
At first sight, just try to give it some time
Sunshine returns just like the storm
Blessings arrive in all kinds of forms
We gamble every time we walk out the door
Never really knowing what's in store
Or even what the fuck it's for
The love and the fun I guess
Because that's what I like best
I'm done with wondering what if
I want to live so I'm giving one hundred percent
It ain't that hard in day tight compartments
Today's weight is enough without tomorrow's burdens
My only worries now are my perfectionism,
Alcoholism, and trash talk addiction
Just gotta grip this cognition
It's how to dip the wrong missions
Crop the bitchin out the composition
Edit your attitude until in tune with your intention
I try not to trash talk, that's not where it's at
Like in Antarctica not wearing a hat
Where it's at for this cat is somewhere in the lab
Tearing up that kick snare and the hat
Worrying about the path is a thing of the past
I follow my passion with faith in its maps
I followed it right here where I'm saying this rap
Training this wit til it's sharp as a tack
Shooting harpoons at the sharks that attack
Swimming down deep where the treasures are at
It takes a sound mind to register that
Something you can't find, you have to earn that

Slow dancing with the universe
Listening to the moon and stars croon a verse
So good it hurts and it hurts so good
Like a big old hit of the purple kush
Hip hop, weed, and philosophy
Are the 3 branches of my topic tree
Oh yes, I'm still obsessed
With building escapes from this hellish mess
We call our brains, the logic's great
Until commandeered by fear and hate
They always steer it straight down the drain
Can't drown the pain out, grey clouds will rain
From time to time until the end of time
Same as how the rising sun will shine
Time after time until there's no more
If it's not fun what the hell is it all for

Rhythms Indigenous

Started this rhyme at a stop sign
High as a kite on life
Plant life, the hops from last night
And the pot that I put in my glass pipe
That sticky stuff helps me catch vibes
To flip like a ship that capsized
Funky slaps like the upright
Uncle chops lights it up right?
Yeti with the beats, dry ice on the mic
But in real life a nice enough guy
With a kid inside just trying to fly
Feet on the ground with an eye on the sky
Seeing the clouds with their bright silver lining
After the showers I still am grimy
Climbing until I'm mighty and high enough for gliding
Puppet strings keep trying but never tie me
If it did I'd just flip snippets, clip it
Nip it in the bud with this bud and button hittin
Nothing gets me in sync quick is this
Thinking of quitting is just plum ridiculous
Chop with a slap is don rickles with a quip
Equipped, fitting loops slick as an eclipse
The sun and moon are at different distances
Yet appear the same size, is it coincidence
Or divine design? I don't know so my religion is
Tuning into the rhythms indigenous

Echelon to Echelon

Echelon to echelon
Stepping on weapons drawn
Microphone and my lexicon
Magical like a leprechaun
My pot of gold is at the end of my bong
At the end of almost every shift I'm on
And the beginning of some, if I'm honest but that's
Extra incriminating so let's pretend I didn't say it
In these lines so cold that when I slay shit
It's evident the rhyme was premeditated
Calculated to extinguish the hatred
For the idiots who ruin everything with
Carelessness arrogance and impatience
Humors my way to cure the frustration
They may take my life one day in an accident
I maintain the right to take a laugh from them
Not the ones that are slow to learn
I'm talking the dumb dumbs with no concern
I don't wish them bad, they probably have it worse
Than I could even imagine, or they even deserve
What goes around returns ten fold
So it sounds redundant to curse an imbecile
Instead I pray for the lost souls
In the form these songs hold as formative strongholds

Demon Slayer

Been fighting this demon
That incites the binge drinking
Battle with all my might, still feeling
Powerless like during REM dreaming
Been trying to cut back for ten seasons
For like one hundred ten reasons
I admit that it's weak
Knowing I should quit but pushing it to next week
Telling myself the same lie
The main sign of an insane mind
But before it brings pain the next day
That night the poison takes it away
I don't hate the demon but he must be slayed
It's him or me so I toss these blades
Sending bars that are sharp as ninja stars
Straight at his throat because this is war
To defeat such a strong enemy
Is a feat that takes a smart strategy
We must remind ourselves constantly
That our demons attack subconsciously
Just watching for the guard to fall asleep
So it can invade with all its fallacy
Telling us he's our best friend
But that's some BS and has always been
He's an assassin with a silver tongue
If you ask him, he's just having fun
But some of us can't get enough
And once it's on our back and we can't kick this stuff
Until we either hit rock bottom
Or admit our problem and get started solving
Today, tomorrow's too far away
I can't wait to escape this ball and chain
And celebrate with a bubbler bowl of a dank strain
Instead of a bubbly bottle of champagne
Don't worry about things you can't change
Focus that energy on your demon and slay
Of at least keep it at bay
At least give it a try, at least once a day
The beast doesn't sleep, it just waits
To feed it's dumb face on a feast of mistakes
To defeat such a strong enemy
Is a feat that takes a smart strategy
We must remind ourselves constantly
That our demons attack subconsciously
Just watching for the guard to fall asleep
So it can invade with all it's fallacy
Telling us he's our best friend
But that's some BS and has always been

Hip Hop Lives On

[Sir Thomas]

We're all out here trying to survive the game
No denying man some try to hide their pain
You never know who's dealing with unseen anguish
Got em feeling on and off like machine language
Sometimes I act out when followed by a black cloud
But I crackdown on negativity and those wack crowds
That's how, I protect my my inner peace
Some people are so cold ya heart needs a winter fleece
When the pits darker it definitely gets harder
Keep ya eyes on the prize ignore shit starters
The flow is furious sure it's like a barracuda
You're treading my waters looking like a scared intruder
When my pen doodles, It makes men google
I got shrines of rhymes none of which are inutile
And if I was to mess up this phonetic finesse
Then credit my best and just edit the rest


Rain, snow, sleet, hail
We will not fail
We will prevail
With this art
Hip Hop lives on
In hearts big, strong
And honest y'all
Yes yes y'all

[Sir Thomas]

No paranoia please when I'm higher than sequoia trees
The rhymes got ya head bobbin up and down like buoyancy
My lyrical essence is destined to be impressive
Certain life lessons can cause wreckage without vestige
I guess it's then my cue for me to slide through
And write some dope shit for yall to vibe and ride to
My IQ is getting higher and everday my ways are wiser
Which help convey what I want to say as my rhymes spray like geysers
I spit that hot fire like the pits of hell
Tell me, are you sittin well in your mental citadel?
Or do you ruminate and stay stuck in a gloomy state
Truly choosin to be moody with a broody face
We're all on a moola chase, life will challenge you
So you better have a skill to pay the bill when the balance due
There're shrines of rhymes in this noggin boss
But for now I got to go, Sir Thomas loggin off

Save the Day

Yo, broadcasting from home
Chopperman's in the zone
Droppin' that exploratory oratory
On a path that's unknown
Even if I backtrack cause yo
I've been breathing that grass smoke
Short term memory dwindling
But that's okay, I let the past go
But I'll still rock some old Camp Lo
I hold on to the classics, that's my gold
To make one of my own, that's my goal
Has been ever since a child
When I was 20 years old
I found an SP and I was sold
It was just what I need to get goin'
On this journey to the ocean
I sail away
Knowing this way's the way
Chopper's gonna save the day
This boat's gonna make some waves
The wake's gonna rock the place
Chopper's gonna save the day

Ay, I really dont know what to say
but I'm still gonna flow anyway
The rhyme scheme guides me through the maze
Writing is my key for finding a way
It's a great exercise for the brain
To focus on what the gut's saying
Then come up and try to explain
From the depth without sounding insane
If you can't then it's time for a change
If it doesn't make sense it's a shame
And that goes for everything
Down to the inane cartoons they play
Some students think logic is lame
Because school can make knowledge a pain
With dumb rules to tame the mind, causing rage
Drum loops can break them out of their cage
The right rhythms slay
The negative vibes in the place
Chopper's gonna save the day
The good ones are gaining strength
The villains are gonna pay
Chopper's gonna save the day

This SP Thing

Drawn to the wax, I longed for the scratch
Like a dog in a lamp shade collar for gnats
Got a lot of bad grades in college for that
Skipping class to study the science of rap
Had some turntables but my hands weren't stable
Enough to stay in the groove but I was on the wrong track
One day I was reading a magazine called Scratch
And came across an amazing ad on the back
Roland just released their new SP
A masterpiece named the 404 OG
The thing seemed to jump right off the page
I had one in hand in a matter of days
I took it home just about clueless how to use it
I read the first few bits of the manual to it
And realized this machine works like a dream
I'd finally found an engine to utilize the steam
I was filled to the brim with, I plugged it in
And in an instant was pumping like a piston
And since then, I've been a raw addict
Chomping at the bit to chop the next flip
The drums like drugs I drop to exit
The lower level lifting to the top in seconds
The start of it was quick but not the lessons
All the flips were shit for the first thousand sessions
But I could see the heavens in the distance
The freedom of skills that can manifest visions
And here I am, still on that mission
Still a student, no one's omniscient
Those who think they are are the dimmest of dimwits
Too apprehensive to toss their little chips in
Before we can even begin to win
We must lose again and again and again


I'll flow all day and tonight too
Tomorrow also, it's what I do
With the right loop, the kid can rise to
Tremendous heights through kicking rhymes to it
Giving my 2¢, spitting my fluids
Not giving two shits who's thinking I'm stupid
I am, I'm a bonafide doofus
Clueless, when I do get a clue I just lose it
But it's cool since it fuels this music
I use this mucus to stick the truth to my tooth with, like
When you lose a possession
You were due for the lesson
And even if that shit was expensive
The lesson was worth every damn cent of it
At least if the apprentice is attentive
Each mess speaks a message, listen or you'll miss it
I'm clenching a wrench with intentions to fix shit
Fix it or ditch it since just bitching is senseless
It gets no one anywhere but a victim convention
Held below the competition
Elbow grease is the only way
To build a decent home these days
The powers that be want us all down on our knees
Fighting for crumbs that fall down from the feast
If enough of us stand at once
We can flip the table on these fat cat chumps
Debts are like nets, late fees are chain links
Stress is like vests that squeeze until we can't breathe
I believe it's time to release constantly
Or at least frequently, we often need it
Let go and just watch the stress fall
Holding on hits hard as a brick wall

See It Through

Let's get 'em, I hit 'em with a redefinition
Of death sentence when I spit this venom
Yep, killin' with resiliance reptilian
Reflect the brilliance of a billion suns when I flex filaments
Respect the elements, they'll pump you with adrenaline
Ritalin's a little bitch next to this stimulant
Some authentic holistic medicine
To strengthen your neck and thicken up your skin
They didn't think that I was quick enough to win
But here I am, catching up to them
When I pass they won't even know it
Because my path goes deep in the foliage
As I forge it through this foreign forest
Have I used this metaphor before? Shit
On with this metamorphic portrait
Lost in it? Let the chorus sort it
You are where you need to be
Doing what you need to do
Seeing what you need to see
You're gonna see it through
Through the bullshit, through the sickness
Through the bushes, through the thickets
Up the mountain, to the summit
For the challenge and view of it
If you love it, set it free
If it returns, it was meant to be
A cliché of clean chi
When we become possessive it just brings grief
The kind of pain that stings deep
Not even novocaine can bring relief
The only way to make it go away
Is to let go of the way you wanted things to stay
Let go of the way that it was yesterday
This moment is the only thing you get to claim
This moment, it changes ceaselessly
If you know what I'm saying, sing with me
I am where I need to be
Doing what I need to do
Seeing what I need to see
I'm gonna see it through
We are where we need to be
Doing what we need to do
Seeing what we need to see
We're gonna see it through

A Piece of Mine

On with the fonk
We pack songs with the stuff
Like bongs with the skunk, hit strong as a blunt
Take a long puff or pass it on if you want
It's not for everyone but I love a good buzz
And rock a steady one
A float like a feather off the heavy drums
Dropping rhymes feels like dropping 80 tons
I rock for many reasons, mainly fun
They can take these funds but can't make me suck
Meaningful practice kills wackness
Hopefully before the planet kills Atlas
I used to feel like I carried my world
Until I realized it was never my world
I claimed peace of mind
When I became a piece of mine

How Can I Harmonize?

Full tank, clean oil
Common man feeling royal
It's chopperman, tilling the soil
Like a farmhand, hard as hell I toil
Forming a plan that you can't poke holes through
I'm telling you but won't tell you I told you
I follow the gold rule, I'm old school
Like Mario and Roadstool, here's some more fuel
Check it out, chug it down, shed the doubt, chuck the frown
Chase the dream, change the world, or at least just the town
Check your head, trust your gut, speak your mind, bust your nut
Sing your songs, show your love, be yourself, strut your stuff
Move your ass, cut a rug, do your dance like no one does
You're the one that made it up, to enhance goin nuts
The last defense against events that dispense dissonance
To tune into cacophony we gotta be resilient musicians
In this symphony of existence
In which intentions are like different instruments
For instance if the composition calls for rhythm
And you're on the winds then you went with the wrong decision
When we're out of tune with our lives
Countless conundrums are soon to arise
So when out of sync, it's time to think
How can I harmonize?

How can I harmonize the sound of my martian vibes
With Earth tones, I never know but I gotta try
Twisting these knobs until in key with the melody
To improvise my own little piece of it merrily
Through the dark and light parts alike
The songs of fright are fun if you rock them right
Gotta dive right into the monster's eye
Treat the storm like a wild bronco ride
You'll only survive if you're holding on tight
Rolling rolling rolling, rawhide!
Chop it up, flip the cuts, loop it up, write the rhymes
Spit the verse, sing the hook, work the mix until it binds
everything intertwines but tangles sometimes
Keep your line straight and it's nothing to unwind
You can just slide straight out the mess of the mind
And glide spaced out, mercifully undefined
Spending only a moment of time totally outside
Sometimes is crucial to avoiding suicide
Both the slow kind and the instant
To get through this we gotta be resilient musicians
In this symphony of existence
In which intentions are like different instruments
For instance if the composition calls for rhythm
And you're on the winds then you went with the wrong decision
When we're out of tune with our lives
Countless conundrums are soon to arise
So when out of sync, it's time to think
How can I harmonize?

Life Ten

And it begins again
Vibes is why, on the one is the when
With the right now is the how
Right here is the where, the what is the sound
Of love abound, it's all around
From underground to above the clouds
East and west and north and south
Right and left and up and down
Inside and outside the flesh
If you can't find it try to try less
And if that doesn't work then try more
And if that makes it worse try more like before
I'm not sure of much but I'm sure of this
If not for the love, life is full of shit
Without the sun I would not exist
The light is one like the consciousness
I'm high as the moon from the cannabis
High like the tune on a mandolin
Hi how are you? I'm dandy as
Candy is, thanks to these bandages
The transition from kitten to mountain lion is
Often agonizing but I'm not sacrificing it
Fell down a thousand times and still climbing
The cat that somehow stayed alive til life ten


Be Water

Uninformed of the whys and hows of it
Just exploring the what that has the sun lit
One with it like I'm on the magic fungus
Unreal is the mantra that I funk with
What a trip, the stars aligned
Opened up the sky and let this guy inside
So high that our globe looks like a marble
Afloat in an infinitely large ocean
A notion that brought a thought that a head nod
Is a motion not unlike a bobber when it bobs
Like the music speaks the words of Bruce Lee
Be water, my friend, like you used to be
Flow like a stream until crashing time
Ride the wave right and you might catch flight
Convert the worst night to the time of your life
Surrender's the one way to end the inner strife
It's mind over matter but it's spirit over mind
Without that guidance it's steering out of line
I see it all the time how the ego quantifies
Comparing itself to everything in sight
Since as long as it's lesser or greater in size
It knows it exists so it's staying alive
Making us act out or making us hide
With all the ups and downs breaking our spine
Pride making us shout, shame making us whine
Both of them sound like a baby thats crying
It's time to grow out of the way we define
Ourselves based on how many things we can buy
Or any other thing we can count
What really matters is staying in the now
My past is in a cave, my future's in outer space
In the light of now, my fears disappear without a trace

Tomorrow's okay but I'm all about today
if it rains, I won't try to chase the clouds away
I face a sky thats grey the same as one that's blue
Only a fool tries escaping from the truth


Bask in the blast of the boom bap
Jammin's natural as a Whole Foods rack
Asking the cat to craft a new slap is
Like asking to laugh, I have to do that
Imagining life without it's too sad
Like imagining life without this muzak
This that sunday afternoon track
To snap the new jacks out the fool traps
It makes sense they call their tunes crack
You'd have to be on crack to rock those fast hats
Rapping about how they slang this and blast that
You'd have to be wack to dig those asshats
But at least they practice a craft
Something many millenials lack and it's sad
Engorging gigs until they gag
4G service and still they lag
Virtually worthless and still they brag
Like they saved the world with memes and hashtags
They're not that bad, I don't mean to act mad
I just can't stand how they can't understand
When bad meaning good goes back to being bad
It's time to relook exactly where we're at
Before we're on our back to take a dirt nap
Let's hold strong as a napsack made of burlap

Bathe in the bliss of the blessed boom bip
It's that sunday afternoon flip
It's that cruise the avenue without
A clue how to lose, feeling about as loose as
Can be, simply groovin'
With this simple beat, it's simply soothin'
Suddenly all confusion
Seems like it was only an illusion
In a rush things become convoluted
The benefits of patience are all inclusive
Life is a test graded on improvement
Flunk it or ace it, we all are students
Love it or hate it you got to admit
It's some beatiful shit to be able to live
Regardless if a God can listen
We oughta praise and honor this
Awesome place that brought us in
And then did not even charge us rent
My lord is the land, my landlord's a pimp
We all get forked by that corporate trident
But I won't let them taint my essence
I stay gratious since the greatest lessons
Don't take a red cent, just take a second
Think about the things you've been hatin'
And think about how much important information
You've been fortunate to take from them
Not to mention the inspiration
It just wouldn't be the same without satan
We need symbols to train against
I thank my enemies for my strength and grit
Even more so than my fam and friends
It takes made pressure forming gems

Mind Over Matter

This one's a little something to twist tongues and test lungs
Just having some fun, i bust
Just having some fun but still challenging them and myself
With these rhymes I don't rush
I take them as they come, as patient as I can,
Hurrying up this stuff sucks
I don't torture myself over my artwork
At work I suffer more than enough
I've worked 50 plus hour weeks for 15 months
Not proud of it, it's just how it was
When I get a few hours to do what I do
I doos what the fuck I does
They ask to commission a drawing from me
But it's not worth 100 bucks
Because a creation with no inspiration
Is not gonna please anyone
I aim to please mainly me when
I make these crazy pieces
I owe these crafts my sanity
I won't betray their freedom
I found the keys to open my being
How dumb would I be to let greed in
I'd rather work 50 hour weeks
Than sell my passion depleted
Arts defective when it's not directed
By the heart connected to the hand
Raw expression unlocks the heaven
Of the god that's within the man
To not respect it is not accepted
It's not something I can stand
I gotta defend it with all I can give it
Drawing a line in the sand
Cross it and it's on in an instant
Shit's gonna hit the fan
Without an outlet the brain is a gauntlet
The migraines split like an atom
When we only pull in without letting go
Our resources become crammed
We get more full until we explode
In an insane temper tantrum
Staying calm is the name of the game
Living in these crazy days
Daily problems remain a pain
As long as they're not faced with grace
Balance, skill, and power of will
Can reshape the things we hate
Into a brand new set of wings
That allow us to aviate
And away we go unrestrainable
With our chains below where they belong
As long as I keep my mind over matter
My struggle will make me strong
Each soul is a potential vessel
For lyrics from beyond
Maintain mental control and you'll
Eventually complete your song

Goin' Off

I go harder than walter sobchak so check
The show stoppin' flow slaughter, blowin' the set
So hot I'm on fire, glowin' red
Like a stove top on high, are you open yet?
When dope chops and tight verses coalesce
There's no blocking the light bursting overhead
There's no doubt in my mind and no regrets
I'm so out of my mind, I'm so obsessed
It sends chills down my spine when it kills the stress
Like quills of porcupines when they prick the flesh
At least when requested from an acupuncturist
Policemen wear vests that are half as strong as this
My ego's up on his mastadon again
He goes nuts when the slap is raw as this
The beats so rough I can't just polish it
I need to crush and smash it all to bits
Fee fo fum, the track is monsterous
C's bop gun is blastin' off a clip
Feedin' y'all funk like a Bootsy Collins riff
Cheefin' on skunk gettin' goofy off the spliff
My trees are not bums they do their job and quick
I breathe with strong lungs consuming oxygen
To release in long gusts of conscious wind
My sleeves are rolled up, I'm goin' all in
No dribbling up to throw the ball in
I'm goin' for the dunk, the show will not end
No drivel because I loathe nonsense
Those simpletons bullshittin' can choke on dicks
Idiots hold back the whole audience
With a vibe so wack it kills the ambience
Nobodys gonna ask why I'm still rockin' this
No way because that shit is so obvious
The flow blazes hot as the Mohave is
My throat's got a thirst that won't calmy quench
Goin' off is the cure, I'm no hobbiest
I throw chops that hurt like karate kicks
Then helicopter-like I float off, peace kids
Over and out

Flying Colors

I'm Chopper, rhyme dropper
Higher than a tower, skyline walker
Man on wire, balance is dire
On this tight rope between a penthouse and the slammer
That was notably overly dramatic
But that's poetry from the hopeless flow addict
I can't help it, beats cast a spell on me
To have me spilling these raps until infinity
Can't empty this, the vat's bottomless
The word vast does not begin
To describe all that's in the sky
When looking up there could be some alien guy
Looking back from a million light years away
And they might feel the same when they wipe tears away
Sad yet relieved to have let it breathe
Healing the memories of that which we grieve
We bandage the heart with patches of art
Nourish the wound to form a scar
That marks the spot where you got torn apart
Then pulled back together by the force of god
Call them angels or marcophages
They constantly save us like the gravitational
Pull of Jupiter, attracting asteroids
Humanity's tough but it can be destroyed
Comets fly past with the capacity
To set the whole world on fire naturally
Faster than we can say seize the day
A meteor could change every single thing
To never ever be the same
I know it's heavy but we need this weight
Slow and steady I heave the plates
Overhead to help understand these things
The wierd ways of this wild world of wonder
I want to learn to ride the rolling thunder
And trap the lighting in my machine
Strike up a beat and sidechain the bright gleam
I can't believe it finally seems within reach
I'm so self-taught I taught myself how to teach
The only test in this class
Is time, and yes, it's getting passed
With flying colors

Stardust to Earthcrust

Listen to this and do what you do with it cool
Letting go is simple when you know the tempo
Heaven's a dope instrumental
Tune in to open the temple
It's within you, if you didn't know
It continues, hidden in the moment
Revealed by a fearless eye
That sees the sound and ears that can hear the light
Gotta listen to the wind to steer the flight
It whistles with the rhythm when you veer it right
It clears and brightens the atmosphere at night when
We sing in sync with the unseen Zion
The song that revives the fallen phoenix to rise
When I see it fly by I'm not the least bit surprised
That's why I didn't deny when I seen it's demise
I knew it'd return to reclaim it's piece of the skies
And you know what? I don't need to know why
I don't even question the breeze that blows by
It blows away all of the ego's lies
Just like leaves off the trees in fall time
Just like us, stardust to earthcrust
Word up

Howl at the Moon

Don't think that I won't shake shit up
Don't think that I won't break down the walls
No way that I'll ever hang this thing up
Going straight for the gold, can't lounge at all
Throwing away all the things that don't matter
Making room some new junk to pile up
This junk's gonna be a lot better
Gonna be less clutter, gonna keep these files up
Gotta find a balance that makes sense
Someplace in between faith and science now
Is it destined or coincidence
I don't know the reason but it won't slow the rhyming, no
I gotta let it out, and that's without a doubt
When I hold it in I feel like I'm about to shout
Can't drown a trout, can't ground an owl
Can't teach a house hound how to howl

Wild animal howling at the moon
Enamored of the glow that let's us know tomorrow's soon
Another brand new chance to seize the day
Unique as each branch the trees display
Gotta keep the ears clean and eyes pristine
Take in sights and sounds like rice and beans
Wash it down with tastes and smells then let it out
In words and arts if they don't smell like turds and farts
Save the bullshit for suburban yards
City parks, rural farms and urban gardens
I'm full of it but won't beg your pardon
This went off the rails and I think its awesome
I'm on the right track and that's without a route
On my way anywhere except down and out
Can't ground an owl, can't drown a trout
Can't teach a house hound how to howl

We Gotta Go

As a kid I would skate from block to block searching
For obstacles, getting lost on purpose
It was proper preparation
For all the expeditions this Chopper has been taking
I'm not talking about Mars when I say that
Fourth is main destination
It makes sense that our source of creation
Is uncertain if we were born for exploration
We're all passengers on this space ship
We call planet Earth, throttle and brakeless
No steering wheel until at the wishing well
With a fishing reel to cast a dizzy spell
That last rhyme seemed to have a fishy smell
But we have to dive deep for the best sea shells
Often we come up with nothing but a handful
Of sand but still we cant help ourselves
We gotta go

No compass to show us which direction
The most coveted treasure is in
No map can measure the distance
Between where we're at and wherever it is
Never the less, my steps progress
Nothing is worse than excessive rest
They bought some ads to brainwash the masses
To stay on their asses, playing like some damn kids
Sitting eight hours straight at the work place
Then spending half the week's pay on video games
That were made by someone sitting the same
Same as pretty much everybody that plays them
Trading suffering for suffering
Slavery's subtle these days but not extinct
We gotta seek ways to conquer these woes
Nobody sane wants to walk on tip toes
When living paycheck to paycheck goes
To living payday loan to payday loan
Paying the devil a C-note a month
For a hundredth reason to be broke as munson
One is the most efficient mechanism
To cope with stress is smoking expensive izm
And sipping some of that delicious toxin
Drinking's awesome as long as it isn't often
Alcohol kicks ass until you're an alcoholic ass
I'm not talking trash
I'm talking truth, no balderdash
When I rock the booth, I go off the track
Marching through the marsh and tall grass
In the school of life I've got a hall pass
I stroll class to class with my notepad
Hoping I pass this course before I go mad
I gotta go

The Greatest Spot Ever

Two thumbs up
The homie hooked some shroom stuff up
It had me almost too fucked up
I probably almost threw stuff up
But it was perfect beyond belief
Even though I surely seemed like a creep
I was singing a song that didn't end
I was feeling one with the mysticism
In such a conventional sense
I felt like I might run into a witch
I felt like I might turn into a gnome
I felt like I might never find my way home
I felt the breeze flow through me
With no scrutiny, fueling me so fruitfully
Every word was poetry
Every note was destiny
I stopped at a dark spot in the park
And watched the facades start to fall apart
All the walls around this heart in me
Crumbled, it felt like it unclogged an artery
All I was was breath, all I was was energy
Everything was fresh, everything was meant to be
At least until I finished my beer
It was sunday night, no liquor stores near
What I did next might have you smiling
I walked right into buffalo wild wings
I ordered a rebel IPA
It was 7 bucks, still I let the girl keep the change
Because the way she looked at me seemed to say
That she may never be the same
I took my beer out to the patio
And turned on my portable stereo
I held the speaker over my heart
And continued the trip I was on in the park
Sent a text to my old friend Tim
And said if your bored, hit me up, I'm trippin
He called me up and I couldn't stop giggling
Trying to tell him I was at buffalo wild wings
It was like the last place that I should be
A desolate sports bar all bright and clean
But I felt so comfortable
I asked for a can of beer to go, and when she said no
I said I'll have one anyway, por favor
Got my can of Fosters and walked straight out the front door
Walked to my bike and was followed outside
By the bartender with an intense look in her eye
Telling me I had to go back inside
Or give back the beer, I laughed and sighed
Went back in, then back out to the patio
Straight out the gate, hopped on my bike and rode
Beer in hand, crazy grin on my face
I think I laughed all the way back to my place
Laughing and singing was the theme of the night
My 3rd eye was open wide, seeing the light
The green and the blue and the brown and the orange
And the trees and the brew and the sounds and the swarms
Of positive energy brought it all together
I found myself in the greatest spot ever

Chopper Time

Turn it up loud then turn it up louder
If you can't play it loud don't play this now

Moving in unison with this union just
Groovin' with the universe, unsure what a human is
Yet comfortable enough in this old epidermis
The world is very cold and my stereo's a furnace
Funk burnin' to warm this soul fortress
This temple is lit with multiple torches
When one burns out, another lights up
And burns brighter than than that other light was
As long as we keep the windows open
Gotta let this home breathe deep as the ocean
Water and oxygen is the magic potion
Winter leaves us frozen til we spring back into motion
Some are gonna fall and it's not a bummer at all
It seasons the dermis for this long haul
How would we know how to handle the storm
If we hadn't been forced to ride them out before
I've been riding storm clouds galore
Flying til I'm sore right down to the core
Soaring til I crash right down to the floor
Training for my next bout in the war
That is life I've been scarred, I've been sliced
But I still love the sword and the knife
I roll a pair of dice hoping for a paradise
Doubtful it's in the cards but I'll fold never twice
Or even once, it never even crossed my mind
Even in all the times I've lost my mind
Dollar signs always try to rob the mind
But this heart inside is always boss of mine
I don't often flow off the top of mine
But won't fight the feeling when the stars align
But for now theres just one more bar to rhyme
I'll spit it proper like stop! Chopper time

The Tougher You Are

There I was without a care in the world
Feeling buzzed off a beer and a bowl
Staring up at the stars in the sky
Tearing up because it's so beautiful
Yesterday I almost died
For around the 5,000th time
For our lives we have to fight
Otherwise were bound to subside
You're a warrior, like it or not
Fight against the fight and it's twice as hard
No slicing off the light from the dark
Life is more fun, the tougher you are
So bask in the pain, happy to strain
There's really no need for racking your brain
Do what you love, don't what you hate
Sing in the snow and dance in the rain
Easy to say but harder to do
Talk is small and walking is huge
The best way to lead is by example
Nobody wants to be told what to do

Artie was a Good Dog

I knew him since he was a pup
A half pit mutt with teeth that could cut
But didn't.. without one sentence comprehended
Somehow I sensed a profound trust in him
He grew burly but I never did worry
Or even think that he might purposely hurt me
When we played I'd let him bite my hands
Unafraid that it would break the skin

Artie was a good dog

For a sturdy dog he was a scaredy-cat
One night he was frightened by a snowman
But another night, out at a campground
He warned an intruder with a grand growl
That let us know without a shadow of a doubt
That even without balls he could go balls out
He brought them back when we would throw balls out
He even taught the cat how to fetch in that house
Speaking of Kevin, they would playfully fight
Day and night, and it was quite an entertaining sight
But for now, thats enough about that crazy guy
Let me wrap this up before this rap makes me cry
Dogs are man's best friend and he was mine
My nephew, my homie, my spiritual guide
If there is a heavenly afterlife
There's no one I'd rather be greeted by

My Form of Wings

Let the funk begin
More dusty wax from grungy bins
To form bouncy tracks to bump for shits and grins
But still pumped with substance
I still have little patience for nonsense
When they say someone lost it, what was lost was logic
I kick philosophy like Socrates
I kick wholeheartedly like soccer teams

This form of art is my form of wings
Flying me higher than the flower white, orange and green
And that's from a guy that might sorta be
Sporting more bowls than Mike Jordan's team

So ill, that rhyme's quarantined
I unwind as I'm orbiting
The sunshine that I'm worshipping
I love life as mine tortures me
The bad times, handled accordingly
Make good times that much more supreme
That's why I'm seldom envious of anyone
Lives of yuppie winners don't look like any fun
And as for comfy hipsters that just trust in trust funds
I'd rather hang from a dump truck than with those dumb dumbs
And the billionaires who buy cruise ships in lump sums
Their titanic egos doom them from the jump
Once at the top, rivals come at you from all angles
So I'm not at all mad that the climb is so gradual
I'm actually glad that the obstacles block the views
That's what let's my third optical socket loose

SP Battle - 201

This SP battle is my shit-creek paddle
Blitzkrieg boom bap, war steed saddle
my worries vanish as I work these samples
Burning trees and apple cinnamon candles
My rituals are simple since everything else
Is ridiculously difficult in this insane realm
I can't chill, god damnit I can't chill
Until I'm out in the woods or out in the field
Out where the air smells like it heals
And the songs of the birds sound quite surreal
The shade of the trees shakes with the breeze
The rays of the sun cascade through the leaves
I need to play some disc golf this week
I can't wait to thank God it's spring
But I can't let that stop me from being
Thankful for now as cold as it seems
It's good to have dreams and it's nice to get sleep
But reality is the place to get free
It may seem to take an eternity
But I'm certain we can make it, I'm sure as can be
All we need is patience, the cure is to breathe
And breath deep, frequently and purposely
Settle right down
Into right now